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Teaching is a university’s central role. Teaching administration is also pivotal, which includes the management of teaching plans, the management of teaching practice, the management of students’ registration and academic achievements, the management and evaluation of teaching quality, and the management of basic elements in teaching such as disciplines, programs, curriculums, teaching materials, laboratories, academic atmosphere and rules for teaching administration.

As pointed out by Ministry of Education in the document “Basics of Teaching Administration in HEIs”, Division of Teaching Affairs plays a key part in the teaching administration of a HEI, and its performance reflects the overall teaching performance of the HEI. Motivated by innovative educational ideas and concepts and the central task of teaching reform, Division of Teaching Affairs facilitates the students’ overall development according to student-oriented principles. We provide all-around teaching administration service for teachers and students through the organization, coordination, management and promotion of undergraduate teaching. We regard teaching quality as the first priority, and put unremitting efforts into the reform of teaching administration. Our fundamental aim is to coordinate the development of CCNU’s educational cause in terms of scale, structure, quality and efficiency.  

As the administrator of CCNU’s undergraduate teaching, we aim to accelerate the optimization of programs and curriculums on the basis of scientific research. We also strive to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching, and lay a solid foundation for CCNU’s mission to develop itself into a comprehensive, research-based university.  


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