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School of Chemistry


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School of Chemistry

The School of Chemistry grows based on the former Department of Chemistry, one of the earliest chemistry departments in China, was founded in 1929, with the famous chemist Professor Zigong Zhang being the dean from 1931 to 1941. The current School of Chemistry was founded on March 29, 2002 with the combination of the Department of Chemistry, Research Institute of Pesticide Chemistry and Analysis & Test Centre of Central China Normal University. Professor Guang-Fu Yang, the winner of the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholar, was appointed as the dean of School of Chemistry. Now, School of Chemistry is set up with six teaching and research units, including the Department of Chemistry, the National Centre of Chemistry Experimental Teaching Demonstration, the Research Institute of Pesticide Chemistry, the Research Institute of Applied Chemistry, the MOE Key Laboratory of Pesticide & Chemical Biology, the Hubei Provincial Research Centre of Pesticide Engineering and Technology, the Hubei Provincial Research Platform of Pesticide Residue & Safety Testing of Agricultural Products, the Analysis & Test Centre of Central China Normal University. The School is known for its Pesticide Science, a national key major by the MOE and the preponderant major by Hubei Province. In addition, Organic Chemistry is the provincial key major. The School also enjoys the rights of awarding Ph. D and master’s degree as the first level discipline of Chemistry, Ph. D and master degree of Pesticide Science, master degree of Applied Chemistry, professional master degree of Chemistry Education, Chemical Engineering, and Agriculture Extension.

The School of Chemistry boasts 114 full-time faculty and staffs, including 26 professors, 36 associated professors, and 24 assistant professors. Among 79 faculties, there are one member of Discipline Appraisal Group of the State Council, one winner of the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholar, one member of the Scientific and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Education, seven winners of the Program of New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education, two Special Professors of Chutian Scholars and one National Model Teacher. The School has two undergraduate programs, Chemistry and Applied Chemistry. In addition, there are three cross-test classes, including the class of Chemistry & Biology, the class of Chemistry & Physic, and the class of Chemistry Talents.

School of Chemistry has fine conditions for education and research. The National Centre of Chemistry Experimental Teaching Demonstration, which is composed of 5 basic experimental course laboratories, Medium Instrument Laboratory and Comprehensive Chemistry Laboratory, has total used area of more than 3000 m2[w3] . The instruments and devices with total price of more than 50 million RMB guarantee the systematical experiment and comprehensive quality training for students. Furthermore, further improvement had being made on the research and teaching conditions of School of Chemistry. Now, School of Chemistry has about 1000 undergraduates and 500 graduates. Elite students from all of the country are studying in good academic atmosphere and have gained excellent achievement. Lots of students have won awards in various competitions and activities, such as: the 4th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation, the Honorable Mention of the top one hundred Excellent Doctoral Thesis throughout the country, the first prize of 11th Nationwide Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works for undergraduates in the “Challenge Cup”, the first prize of Toshiba Cup 2nd Innovation Practice Competition of teaching skills for science teaching major undergraduates in Chinese normal universities, the Nationwide Advanced Class (2004 Grade of Cross Chemistry and Physics Experimental Class), Hubei Provincial Advanced Classes, Nationwide “Three Goods” Students, etc. In this decade, the one-shot employment rate of the total students maintains a high level of 95%, students getting a good reputation from a wide selection of employers.

The number of articles recruited by SCI of School of Chemistry keeps about 150 per year since 2005, and high level articles are increasing. The Scientific research level of School of Chemistry has been enhanced significantly during the last decade, undertaking the National “973”Planning Project, the “863” Planning Project, the National Science and Technology Support Planning Project, and the Natural Science Foundation of China, and so on. About ten new pesticides with representatives such as Isocarbophos, Isopropyl-Methyl, and Benzostrobinwere have been successfully developed, which brought about significant economic and social benefits. Awards of Science and Technology were gained successively, including National Science Conference Award, National Advance of Science and Technology Award, award of the third prize of State invention, award of the fourth prize of State Invention, two First Awards of Advance of Science and Technology of Original State Education Commission, One First Prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education, seven First Awards of Hubei Provincial Technology and Invention, One First prize of Hubei Provincial Natural Science, etc. The School of Chemistry is honored with titles of National Agriculture and Forestry Technology Promotion Advanced Group, Nationwide Advanced Group of Scientific Research Institution of Higher Education, National Model employees’ Little Home, etc.


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