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School of Life Science


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School of Life Science

Established in 1924 as a Department of Biology, the School of Life Science came into being in 1995. Owing to the generations of faculty’s efforts, the School has developed into a research-oriented one with teacher’s education in life science as its feature.

Consisting of two Departments, namely, Department of Biology and Department of Bio-Technology, it offers three undergraduate programs in biology, bio-technology and Chemo-Bio, two first level discipline master’s programs in biology and ecology, and two secondary discipline master’s programs in agricultural entomology and pest prevention, and environment science; and two doctoral programs in botany and zoology, and a doctoral research field in pesticide. It also has Entomology Research Institute, Institute of Applied Ecology, and Watson Bio-Tech Development Institute. It also has a Lab of Comparative Gene Group Studies and Molecular Genetics, a Lab of Nerve Biology, a Lab of Water Ecology and Ecological Engineering, a Lab of Biological Resources and Environmental Studies, a Center of Teaching Experiment, and a Museum of Biological Specimen.

With 27 professors and 29 associate professors, the School boasts 99 staff members in total. Among them, there are 2 Chu Tian Scholars, 2 Guiyuan(University) Teaching Masters, 1 MOE New Century Excellent Talent. Over 80% of the teachers have obtained their Ph. D Degrees while 90% have international study or work experience.

The School is equipped with advanced teaching and research facilities. There established Hubei Key Lab in epigenetic regulation, Hubei Biology Teaching Demonstration Center for Higher Education Institutions, and a nationally recognized biological specimen museum. There are also advanced experimental instruments, such as supercentrifuge, near-infrared scanning imaging system, flow cytometry, transmission electron microscope, etc.

The School also attaches great importance to the scientific research. In recent five years, the School has undertaken 64 National Natural Science Fund Projects, 6 National Key Science Special Projects, 6 National “863” Plan Projects, 7 National “973” Plan Sub-Projects or Pro-Projects, with a total grant of 14 million RMB. Over 600 research papers have been published in the world class journals like Science, Nature-Struct, Mol Biol, PNAS, Plant Cell and Mol Ecol. In addition, more than 50 monographs have been published and over 25 patents or research results approved or registered.

There are a number of institutions affiliated to the School as well, including Hubei Youth and Juvenile Science Popularization Base, Hubei Middle School Students’ Biology Olympic Training Base, Wuhan Youth and Juvenile Science Popularization Base, etc.


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