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School of Mathematics and Statistics


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School of Mathematics and Statistics

While its Department of Mathematics was founded in early 1950s, the School of Mathematics and Statistics was established in December, 2002. It has such four departments as Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Accounting, Department of Information and Computer Science, and Department of Statistics. The Math and Applied Math Program is a National Characteristic Major and Hubei Brand Major. The School has also a Math-Physics class and a Math-Economics class. It has the first level discipline Master’s & Doctoral Programs in Math and Statistics respectively and a mobile doctoral station in Math. In addition, it has other Mater’s programs like M. Ed (Math), Master of Applied Statistics and Master of College Teacher (Math), etc. Hubei Math-Physics Key Lab and Nonlinear Analysis Key Lag are affiliated to the School, so is the Editor’s Office of Bulletin of Mathematics. Since 2012, the School has begun to offer 2+2 Math-Finance undergraduate program in partnership with Paris 13 University.

After years of development, the School has formed a faculty of 100, with 22 professors, among whom 8 are doctoral supervisors, and 34 associate professors. The faculty can be divided into five groups according to their research interests, including, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Algebra & Coding, Probability Statistics & Its Application, Graphing & Optimal Grouping, Fractals and Wavelet and its Application. It has 1 National Teaching Group, 1 Provincial Teaching Group, 4 National and Provincial Quality Courses and 1 National Bilingual Course.

The past five years has witnessed her scientific research development, evident in her over 20 monographs and 300 research papers. The School has also undertaken a group of research projects, including 2 National Outstanding Youth Scientific Funds Projects, 1 National Natural Science Fund Key Project, 5 MOE New Century Outstanding Talent Support Projects. Besides, she has won over 10 awards of different kinds in science, including 2 Second Prizes in MOE Natural Science Awards and 2 First Prized of Hubei Natural Science Awards.

At present, the School boasts a total of 1500 undergraduate students and over 300 postgraduate students. Up till now, it has trained over 6000 graduates and 1000 postgraduates, of whom a group has become the renowned experts, professors and Ph. D supervisors.

The School is equipped with a library, computer classrooms and labs. The library has subscribed over 100 foreign journals and over 90 Chinese journals, among which over 20s are related with Math teaching and education. Moreover, the lab has a collection of 200 journals since 1960s.


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