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College of International Cultural Exchange


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College of International Cultural Exchange

1. Brief Introduction
The College of International Cultural Exchange(CICE) is the special college responsible for the enrollment and administration of international students, including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree students . CICE is also a special college dedicated to the teaching and research of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. The college comprises College Affairs Office, Enrollment Office, Student Affairs Office and the Department of Chinese International Education. Founded in 1999, CICE inherits the legacy of a history of 100 years and carries forward to the spirit of innovation and keep pace with the time in accord with the guiding principle of China’s overseas teaching and administration. The past several years witnessed fast growth in the number of enrollment and significant improvement in teaching and administration. By the year of 2010, CICE has embraced 1604 overseas students coming from 133 countries and regions. Among all the new students, the number of degree students has increased by a large margin.

Central China Normal University is one the earliest universities that are qualified to receive Chinese Government Scholarship overseas students. It is also among one of the Chinese Education Base authorized by the State Council, one of the 7 bases of Pre-school Education. CICE is designated as National HSK test center and Chinese International Promotion Research center of Hubei Province. CCNU is home to Huber Provincial Teaching Center of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language with the renowned linguist Professor Xing Fuyi as the Chairman of Chinese Association of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

CICE boasts a team of top quality Chinese teachers with 20 full-time teachers and 50 part-time teachers. The majority have the experience of teaching abroad. CICE has vigorously conducted extensive international exchange and explores new formats of transnational cooperation. Every year, CCNU receives exchange students from its sister universities and offers a full range of high quality long term and short term programmes with overseas education institutions and provides high quality teaching service for individuals and groups. Every year. CICE will send his teachers abroad to teach Chinese or conduct joint research. Each year. CICE is also active in jointly opening Confucius Institutes and Chinese training centers so as to boost the promotion of Chinese and build the bridge to communicate with the outside world.

2. Department of international Chinese education
The department comprises Pre-school Teaching and Research Office responsible for the teaching of Pre-School students in the Pre-school Education Base , Degree Study Teaching and Research Office , Non-degree Teaching and Research Office responsible for language study and Pulbic Chinese language Teaching and Research Office. CICE offers 2 majors: Chinese Language for Undergraduates and the Master of International Chinese Education.

3. Future Plan

The orientation for the development of CICE is to push the internationalization of CCNU with Overseas Education in China as the foundation. It is our sincere desire to build CICE into an important multi-functional base that covers a full range of degree education, teachers training, pre-school education, long-term and short-term programs with the best facilities and conditions. CICE spares no efforts to launch international joint teaching programmes and programmes delivered abroad. According to the 12th Five Year Plan of CCNU, the total number of overseas students will amount to 3000, accunting for 8% to 10% of the total students of CCNU and the rate of degree students, students pursuing English delivered major as well as the self-supporting students will be improved significantly.

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