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School of Fine Arts


School of Fine Arts

1. Brief Introduction:
School of Fine Arts was established in 1952 formerly known as the Central Department of Higher Normal picture drawing, the school re-organized in 1985 and the establishment of Fine Arts Fine Arts Department, in April 2004 established Academy of Fine Arts. Under the Department of Fine Arts, Art Design, Visual Arts Department and the city image and the Contemporary Art Center, Art Institute of Culture, Arts and the Yangtze River Chu ancient art research centers and visual communication graphics research center. Existing fine arts, art design, animation, drawing four undergraduate programs, fine arts at the provincial level key disciplines, with a Master of Fine Arts and Fine Arts, Art Design two second degree awarded.
Academy of existing staff 69 people, 54 professional teachers, including 19 professors and associate professors, 25 lecturers, teaching assistants 10. Teachers with a doctorate in the proportion of the total number of teachers, teachers account for 25% of teachers have master's in post 10 tutors. School teachers have undertaken and completed National Social Science Foundation of planning issues, the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Planning Project, Hubei Province, a number of social science research projects. Works of art teachers and students have participated in international exhibitions and competitions and awards. Institute of Fine Arts in central China as an important base for education and research, and trained a large number of excellent teachers and specialized personnel. Time employment rate of graduates in recent years are maintained at 95% or more.

2. Four departments:
Academy of Fine Arts building to meet the established schools of teacher education distinctive, comprehensive research, high-level university educational goals, developed a hospital's disciplinary development planning, construction and development of the College re-established the overall goal of the prominent art education Characteristics, and actively expand the design art, animation, and plastic arts disciplines for development, the college into a high level of art education, art creation and application of both the Research Institute of Fine Arts.
2.1 Fine Arts Professional (Teacher Education Direction)
The basis of contemporary art education to train teaching, teaching, research and other social needs of art education of qualified personnel
2.2 Art Design
Training to use of modern design methods, familiar with the market mode of operation, in visual communication, design of exhibition space and teaching design direction, and research professionals
2.3 Animation
Training and implementation of creative interaction with the network capacity of three-dimensional game, the designers of new media art direction and teaching, and research professionals.
2.4 Professional Painting
Cultivate an innovative spirit and practical ability of the Chinese paintings, oil paintings and prints of the artist and the direction of teaching, research and other aspects of professional personnel.
Note: (in training professionals in various disciplines on the basis of and for the various disciplines to provide quality graduate education students)
3. College Course System
Basic Courses: Chinese art history, foreign art history, Introduction to Art, design principle, basic software, drawings, color
required courses Professional Fine Arts
Education of Fine Arts, the direction of required courses: Art Pedagogy, teachers spoken (Mandarin), teacher of calligraphy, and application of multimedia technology, psychology, education, painting, sculpture, painting, printmaking, calligraphy, seal carving, art appreciation and criticism, pottery , Handmade, modern educational technology, Chinese Folk Arts
art and design courses
1. visual communication design direction required courses: the history of modern design, font design, logo design, graphic design, layout, printing, oriented design, CI design
2. the exhibition space design direction required courses: the history of modern design, cartography, visual communication and presentation, display space based on model design and production of display, exhibition project design, planning and design of the museum
Required courses Animation
The basis of game performance, game performance of the original painting (a), the game prototype shape (a), game design, artistic expression (I, II), video games creative and production (a), film and television post-production creative
Required courses in painting
1. the direction of required courses of Chinese painting: flowers, birds, landscapes, ink characters, calligraphy, drawing, carving
2. the direction of contemporary painting required courses: artistic anatomy, perspective basis, drawing, painting based on classical oil painting techniques, sculpture based on the new figurative painting techniques, Cubism and Expressionism painting practice, abstract art and practice of integrated materials Contemporary art practice
3. copper engraving direction of required courses: artistic anatomy, perspective basis, drawings, prints form of conversion training, basic painting, copper engraving techniques, wood engraving techniques, contemporary art practice

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