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School of Political Communication


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School of Political Communication

The School of Political Communication, founded on Dec.5th, 1949, involves from the Politics Department of Educational School in of Zhongyuan University. Many times as the School has changed her name and been reorganized, the long history gains her the reputation as the “incubator” of CCUN’s Humanities and Social Science (Schools such as School of Sociology, Law School and so on are developed from her) and the “cradle” of great masters who have laid a solid foundation and made great contribution for related disciplines (alumni such as the famous philosopher, translator and educator Wei Zhuomin, philosopher Zhan Jianfeng, Social Communism Theorist Gao Yuan, educator as well as Tao Jun, an expert on international politics and relations, Zhang Yaocan, an educational expert on Ideological and Political Theory). Under the School there are Theory Course Teaching Division of Ideological and Political Theory, Research Institute of Ideological and Political Education and Department of Politics. Major research teams comprise Research Institute of Ideological and Political Education, Fundamental Principles and Development History of Marxism Research Center, Research Center of Psychology and Cognition and Yun Daiying Research Center.

It offers undergraduate programs of Ideological and Political Education (normal and non-normal major); graduate programs of Fundamental Principles of Marxism, Marxism Abroad, Development History of Marxism, Study of Marxism Sinicization, Ideological and Political Education, Marxist Philosophy, Foreign Philosophy, Scientific and Technological Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Chinese Communist Party History, International Politics; doctoral programs of Marxist Philosophy, Fundamental Principles of Marxism, Development History of Marxism, Marxism Abroad, Sinicized Marxism, Ideological and political Science Education and Chinese Communist Party History. Besides, it has professional graduate programs of Master of Education, College Teacher, and Agriculture Promotion and so on for in-service staffs.

At present, the College boasts one First Level Discipline Marxism Theory and one post-doctoral mobile station. It has one National Key Discipline, i.e. Fundamental Principles of Marxism, a first Level Provincial Key Discipline Marxism (including 5 secondary disciplines i.e. Fundamental Principles of Marxism, Development History of Marxism, Study of Marxism Sinicization, Marxism Abroad and Ideological and Political Science Education) and a Provincial Key Discipline Marxist Philosophy, with the last one being among “The First-Batch Construction Pilot of Featured Programs in Higher Education” approved by the MOE and the Ministry of Finance.

Currently, of the 80 staffs, the School of Political Communication has 27 professors, 25 associate professors, in addition to 13 administrative staffs,. Among them, there are 13 doctoral supervisors and 40 master’s supervisors. Above 90% of the teachers possess doctoral degree and 9 of them have been studied abroad more than a year.


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