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School of Public Administration


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School of Public Administration

The School of Public Administration was established in September, 1993. It has formed a unique management system with one management but four brands, namely the Education Center of Master of Public Administration, Central South Education Management Cadre Training Center under the Education Ministry, the Training Section for Party and Administration Cadre of Hubei Province at Central China Normal University and itself; thus its scope covers education, scientific research and professional training and integrates both degree and non-degree education. After over 20 years’ construction and development, it evolves into an advanced specialist cultivation base as well as public policy research and consultation base for public management and human resource which have distinctive characteristic, relatively strong strength and impact. The public management discipline of the school was ranked the tenth in the overall assessment of main disciplines organized by the National Academic Degrees and Postgraduate Education Development Center in 2006 and 2009.

The school is composed of two departments: Department of Public Management and Department of Human Resource; three institutions: Administration Management Institution, Higher Education Management Institution and Social Security Institution; and five centers: Research Center of Modern Management, Research Center of Government Management, Research Center of Local Governance and Development, Research Center of Contemporary Human Resource Management and Development and Research Center of Information Government and E-governance. Besides, the Center of Hubei Local Governance and Development Studies, which is a key humanities and social sciences base of Hubei higher learning institutions, is also affiliated to the school.

The disciplines of the school touch upon its three main disciplines in the areas of public management, business management and politics:

·One National Key Discipline---- Chinese and foreign political system;

·One Provincial Key Discipline----Administration Management;

·One Discipline for Hubei Chutian Scholar----Administration Management;

·It has main discipline Ph. D. Programs in the area of public management and Postdoctoral Research Programs; besides, it also has Master Programs for Public Administration and Master Program for Business Administration;

·Two full-time undergraduate majors, namely public management (administration management) and human resource management.

The school has a faculty of 43, among which there are 28 full-time teachers, 9 professors, 13 associate professors, 4 Ph. D. supervisors, 22 postgraduate supervisors, 1 young provincial expert with great contributions and 1candidate for Hubei New Century High-level Talents Program. In addition, the school employs over 20 famous experts at home and abroad as part-time professors and Ph. D. supervisors.

Over the past 5 years, the school has undertaken nearly 100 programs in wide areas and at various levels, among which 10 are programs at national level including 2 major programs and 1 key program secured from National Social Sciences Foundation, and over 30 are programs at ministerial and provincial level. It published over 30 academic books and textbooks, more than 260 academic papers in journals such as Politics Study, China’s Administration Management, Exploring Education Development and Chinese Journal of Population Science, among which over 30 papers are reproduced in full by some major publications like Xinhua Digest and China Social Science Digest, and more than 30 are retrieved by EI or ISTP. The school also received over 10 awards at national level and ministerial level because of its research results; nearly 20 policy consultation report have been adopted by government bodies and Party sections concerned.

By far, the school reached an enrollment of 1700 full-time students, including 800 undergraduate students, 900 postgraduate students, over 50 doctor candidates and more than 600 professional degree students majoring in MPA. In addition, the school has organized cadres training activities nearly 200 times, cultivating more than 17000 cadres at various levels. At present, it has 5 post doctors at sites and 1 off sites.

In recent years, the school has established two all-round cooperation platforms with local government in the areas of policy, learning and research, some research and social practice bases with over 30 related government bodies, enterprises and institutions. In addition, the school has developed academic exchange and cooperation ties with many famous overseas universities and academic institutions such as Harvard-Yenching Institute and Duke University.

During the twelfth five-year plan period, the school will make earnest efforts to develop itself into an innovation carrier, talent catalyst as well as a policy think tank with distinctive features, outstanding strength, higher level and greater influence in public management, business management, especially human resource management.


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