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College of Vocational and Continuing Education


  College of Vocational and Continuing Education is a merger of the former Continuing Education College, Online Education College, and Vocational and Technological College. It trains various professionals to meet the demands of the whole society and assumes the responsibility for adult higher education, modern distance education (online education), higher vocational and technological education, self-study higher education examination and other continuing education of comprehensive universities.

  Adult higher education originated from the correspondence education in 1955. It has nurtured tens of thousands university and college graduates and over 200,000 teaching staff for the elementary education. Its high quality of strict administration and teaching has won great fame and recognition for the school. It has been awarded many honors such as “Advanced Collective for National Adult Higher Education”, “National Excellent Institution on Higher Educational Institution Evaluation” and “Advanced Collective for National Self-Study Higher Education”.

  The college is one of the earliest pilots in online education throughout the country. Elementary and secondary school teachers and various social personnel are our major target students. It boasts diverse courses, different teaching forms and flexible teaching methods for the students to learn at any time in any place. It has been granted many prizes such as “The Top 10 Online Education College for the Public Satisfaction”, “The 10 Popular Pilot for Modern Distance Education”, "The Best 10 Online Education College” and “Best Organization Prize for National Fine Course (Online Education) Construction”.

  The vocational and technological higher education is one of the first 15 national demonstrative entities. We have continued to characterize vocational education, make employment as the orientation, teaching as the focus. Thus, we have won wide recognition and praise for the high quality personnel, with 93% first employment rate among the graduates. In 2010, we conducted a cooperation program with Medicine Hat College, Canada. Students can get dual diploma accepted by both countries upon graduation, and those qualified can get the chance to pursue continuing education in Canada.

  Our college takes the Scientific Outlook on Development as the guideline, National Education Strategic Goal as our duty, social development and market demand as the orientation, utilizes subject advantages and social quality resources, steadfastly develops adult higher education, non-degree education, actively expands international cooperative education, aiming at improving the level of online education, adult higher education and self-study higher education examination. We are committed to explore new approaches to integrate domestic vocational education with the international trend, coordinate the scale, quality, structure and performance of the educational forms, and initiate an education brand to serve all walks of life with multi-level, multi-form and multi-means higher degree and non-degree education. We are aspired to make contributions to the lifelong education system and learning-oriented society.


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