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School of Foreign Languages


School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages was found in 1924, which was originally the English Department of CCNU. Up to now, the School has seven teaching units (including English Department, Russian Department, Japanese Department, French Department, Translation Department and College Public English Department) and seven research institutes (including Institute of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Institute of Japanese Culture, Institute of Korean Culture, Translation Research Center, Teacher Education Research Center, English Literature Research Center and College English Teaching Research Center ). With over two thousand students studying at different levels at present, the school has a teaching and administrative team of more than two hundred members, of which 23 are professors, 58 are associate professors, and 7 are doctoral supervisors. During the recent years, the rate of students who pass the postgraduate program entrance examination has been staying around 30%, and the rate of students who take jobs right after graduation has exceeded 96%.

The School develops rapidly in disciplines. Right now, it has six undergraduate programs (namely English, Russian, Japanese, French, Korean and Translation) as well as two doctoral programs (namely English Language Literature and Comparison between Chinese and Foreign Languages). Meanwhile, the School is authorized to grant master’s degrees in Foreign Language and Literature, the branches of which lead to master’s degrees in English Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Moreover, English, as the only brand undergraduate program concerning foreign languages in Hubei Province, was first granted by the Ministry of Education as characteristic discipline construction program; and English Language and Literature is the sole key English discipline in Hubei. The School runs nationally issued magazines such as English Journal for Middle School Students (Middle School Edition and High School Edition) and Middle School Russian (monthly). At the same time, the School is the co-producer (the other producer being the School of Humanities) of Foreign Literature Studies, an authoritative Chinese magazine in literature.

The School is equipped with advanced teaching and studying facilities. The digital classrooms not only have multi-media equipments, but are also able to retrieve audio materials and internet resources from the controlling center of the School. The satellite receiver installed by the School can receive programs of five languages from seven channels, which provide students with live TV programs in the classrooms, having realized the modernization, digitalization and networking of teaching. The school also owns simultaneous interpretation booth, multi-functional auditorium and courseware studio, which all guarantee the first-class standard of its teaching condition.


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