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School of Political Science


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School of Political Science

Founded on the former Institute of Political Science, the School of Political Science consists of Institute of Scientific Socialism, Institute of Political Science, Institute of International Affairs, Institute of Examination System, etc. It has 13 graduate programs, 2 National Key Disciplines, i.e. Scientific Socialism and International Communism Movement, and Chinese and Foreign Political Systems, 1 MOE Key Research Base for Human and Social Science, i.e. Chinese Rural Studies, and 1 Provincial Key Research Base for Human and Social Science, and 1 Provincial Key Discipline.

There are 40 full-time researchers in the college, among whom 30 are with the high professional titles, 1 is a specially appointed professor with the "Changjiang River Scholarship". Political Science research has focused on the researches for a long long time guided by theories, measures and evidences and it has 5 important research programs of Scientific Socialism and Modern China, Theory and Practice of foreign Communist Party, Urban and Rural Administration and self-governance, Chinese and Foreign Political System Comparison, the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe Issues.

Three doctoral dissertation papers have been awarded as China’s Top 100 doctoral dissertation papers, six others provincial doctoral dissertation papers.


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