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School of Economy and management


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School of Economy and management

The School of Economy and Business Management could date back to the Economy Department established in 1930s. After the policy of reform and opening-up, the university set the Department of Urban Economy in 1985 to adapt to the development of social economy and set specialty on real estate early. In 1993, the university set Department of Economy and in 1997, the two departments integrated into one college whose name is College of Economy and Management.

The School has 4 departments (Economics Department, Urban Economy Management Department, Business Management Department, International Economy and Trade), 5 Research Centers, 1 Provincial Key Discipline, 2 doctoral degree programs (Urban Economy and Governmental Management, Market Economy and Governmental Behavior Research. It also has 2 first category Master’s programs (Applied Economic and Theoretical Economics) and 19 secondary category Master’s programs. Besides, the College has one key discipline on university level—Economics and three master programs (Political Economics, Regional Economics, and Western Economics) as well as three specialties in bachelor degree (Business Administration, Economics, International Economy and Trade). In addition, there are 3 cross-disciplinary classes, namely, Math-Economics, Japanese-International Trade and Law-Economics.

At present, the School has 11 education and research offices and has a faculty of 66 among which there are 16 professors, 24 associate professors, 38 supervisors for masters and 6 doctorate supervisors.


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