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School of Chinese Language and Literature


School of Chinese Language and Literature

With more than 100 year history and its academic & research strength, the School of Chinese Language and Literature is one the of best of its kind among all higher learning institutions in China. According to the latest assessment report on the first category discipline by the Degree Center, Ministry of Education, the Chinese Language and Literature ranks 10th in China. The School has 3 departments (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Linguistics, and Department of Journalism & Communication) offering 6 bachelor programs in Chinese Language & Literature, Play, Film & TV Literature, Chinese Language Journalism & Communication, Journalism of TV & Radio, Chinese Language, and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language; in addition, it has a Chinese Language and Literature Experimental Class and a Journalism-IT Class.

The School offers master programs in Journalism, Communication, Science of Literature, Linguistics and applied linguistics, Chinese Philology, Study of Chinese Classical Text, Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Chinese Folk Literature, Journalism (including editing), communication studies, and film& TV Literature and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and 10 doctor programs in the above fields. Besides, it offers 4 2-year master programs in Education (Chinese), Journalism and Communication, International Chinese Education, Agricultural Promotion. There is also a post-doctoral mobile station in Chinese language and literature affiliated to the college. The Study of Chinese Characters is a national key discipline, and the Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature, the Study of Literature & Arts are provincial key disciplines.

The School has 34 professors (22 of them are doctoral supervisors) and 36 associate professors, and quite a number of them are well-known at home and abroad. It boasts two National Teaching Teams of Excellency, 1 National University Feature Program, 5 National Quality Courses, 3 Hubei Quality Courses, 1 National Teaching Master, 1 Hubei Teaching Master, and 1 Hubei Feature Program, 2 Hubei Provincial Teaching Teams of Excellency.

The School has its own information center, boasting a collection of 100,000 books, Journalism & Media Lab and Drama & Film & TV Lab, providing a professional platform for its students. The School also publishes Foreign Literature Studies, Chinese Language Studies, Almanac of Chinese Folk Literary Studies and Chinese Language Teaching and Research.


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