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School of Information and Journalism


The education of Journalism and Communication of Central China Normal University started in 1994. Undergraduate education started in 1995 when the department of Journalism and Communication was establishedin theSchool of Liberal Arts .

In September 2012,the School of Information and Journalism was established by the Department of Information Communication and the Department of Information Technology. In June 2013, the college decided to establish the School of Journalism and Communication on the basis of the former Department of Journalism and Communication. Journalism and communication is a key discipline in Hubei province. The school has three undergraduate majors: Journalism,Radio and Television Journalism, Network and New Media. It has the first-degree point of authorization for academic master’s degree and the professional master’s degree of Journalism and Communication . Work with the School of Liberal Arts ,our school set up the doctoral program of "Culture Communication" . (Our school and the School of Liberal Arts recruit students separately).The school now has nearly 500 full-time undergraduates and more than 200 master's degree students. The school motto”Moral and reasonable;Nurture others with the right words.” was written by renowned journalist, honorary chairman of the National Union of Journalists and the President of the People's Daily——Mr. Shao Huazu.

After 20 years of development, the school has gradually established a team of teachers with reasonable structure and distinctive characteristics. There are now 27 full-time teachers, including 6 professors, 9 associate professors and 12 lecturers. There are 21 teachers with doctorate degree and 3 teachers with postdoctoral research experience,the Percentage of doctor is 88%.The strong practicality and the combination of theory and practice are the distinct characteristics of the teaching staff in our school:six of the full-time teachers were from the media.(Such as Hubei Daily、Hubei TV Station、China Youth Daily、Jiefang Daily、Wuhan TV Station、Wuhan Evening News and other mainstream media).The percentage of teachers with rich media experience is as high as 25%, which is not common in colleges and universities across the country.In addition, our school also has plans to promote on-the-job teachers to work in the news media. As of 2015, five people have gone to the provincial media to work out. We plan to promote the overseas study program of young and middle-aged teachers. As of 2015, 8 people have visited overseas to study and communicate. Among the teachers, one is the special allowance expert of the State Council and one is of the leading talents in thenational press and publication industry. The school has also hired several senior media professionals to serve as off-campus tutors for post-graduate students.

The school attaches great importance to scientific research and the strengthen it. Over the past decade, teachers from our school led one National Key Technology Research and Development Program, nine National Philosophy and Social Science Fund Projects (including one major project, one youth Project), 29 Humanity and Social Science Fund Projects of the Ministry of Education and Hubei province, three key projects(sub-project) of the major Philosophy and Social Science Projects of the Ministry of Education, participated in one key National Social Science Fund Project, and accessed more than 30 commercial projects, whose total funds reached more than 6 million yuan. Our teachers ' achievements in scientific research and news works have won the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, the China News Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award of philosophy and social science of Hubei Province.

Equipped with over 100 sets of computer, electronic, video and network facilities, the school owns all kinds of experimental equipment. Possessing more than 20,000 professional books and nearly 200 kinds of journals in Chinese and foreign language, the collection of books is also rich. The nation-class Arts Comprehensive Experiment Center that our school relies on, can fully meet all levels, all types of practical and teaching needs of Journalism and Communication, where the total area of 29 laboratories containing news photography, television camera, Non-linear editing, newspaper editing, news studio and etc. reaches 4790 square meters, and the total value reaches more than 28 million yuan.

The school strengthens the construction of practice base in order to cultivate students' practical ability. The school has set up practice bases in more than 20 news agencies such as the People's Daily, the Xinhua News Agency, the China Central Television, the Guangming Daily, the China International Broadcasting Station, the Nanfang Daily media group, the Hubei Daily media group, the Hubei radio and television station and so on. In 2013, the school has become the "provincial practicing and training demonstration base of central media in Hubei province". The school has been keeping close contact with the People's Daily, the Xinhua news agency, the China National Radio, the Guangming Daily, the China Youth Daily, the China Education journal, the China Social Science Weekly and other central news units in Hubei, to carry out all-round and multi-level cooperation and innovation.

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