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Zhang Shunhui

Revision:He YuqianDate:2018/09/25

Zhang Shunhui (1911 -1992) was born in Hunan Yuanjiang, a Historian Professor of CCNU and President of China Society of Historical Documentation. A well-known historian and philologist in modern China, skilled in collation, edition, catalogue, phonology, and philology. Since 1950, he has taught at the Education Department in CCNU. During the ten-year "Cultural Revolution", he wrote more than 3.7 million words in 10 academic monographs, such as "Records of Creation by the Labor People", "Analysis of Chinese Society", "Review of Three Historiography Books"etc. In 1979, he participated in the establishment of the China historical documentation research association and served as president for 10 years. In 1981, he was selected as a doctoral tutor of historical bibliography. At the same time, he founded the Institute of historical documentation in CCNU, and served as director for 10 years.

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