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Liu Lianshou

Revision:He YuqianDate:2018/09/25

Liu Lianshou (1932-2009), was born in  Wuhan , Hubei province. . He graduated from Physics Department of CCNU  in 1952. In 1958, he went to the Soviet Union for further studies. He graduated from Physics Department of Peking University in 1968. He has been a lecturer, associate professor and professor of C CNU and the second executive director of China High Energy Physics Society. His main achievements are: Research in theoretical physics. The covariant field theory and the translation invariant pocket model are presented. In 1983, the "three fireballs model" of hadron-hadron non-diffraction scattering was put forward in cooperation with the Federal German scholars. In 1985, it won the second prize of the National Educational Commission for Science and Technology Progress Award. He has published Mathematical Physical Methods, Concise Course of Theoretical Physics and translated Guidance to Quantum Theory of Gauge Field.

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