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Qian Jibo


Qian Jibo, Qian Zhongshu's father, was a famous ancient writer and educator.

Influenced by the idea that "Chinese study is the fabric and western learning is the application" at that time, Qian Jibo studied western learning and organized a science research society with more than 80 people like Wu Jinru of Tong Yi, inviting teachers to teach physics, chemistry, natural science, physical health and Japanese jointly. Since then, he has set up a science school and  appointed himself as a lecturer.

In 1925, when Qian Jibo was teaching at st. John's university in Shanghai on May 30, the President of the American Bu Fangji prevented students from flying flags at half-mast to mourn the victims, which aroused the indignation of the whole school.Pogho held a faculty meeting to threaten to expel patriotic students.At the meeting, Mr. Qian denounced the suppression of the patriotic movement of students and urged him to apologize to the Chinese people publicly. Chinese students and teachers of the school left the school voluntarily in protest of the school's insult to China.Qian was one of the first teachers to leave the university.

In 1946, he joined Huazhong university.After the founding of the People's Republic of China, he donated all his collection of more than 50,000 books to Huazhong university.Later, he donated to the history museum of Central China Normal University more than 200 pieces of historical relics, including oracle bones, copper and jade, ceramics, coins, paintings and calligraphy.

Qian Jibo put forward a new reform plan for Chinese language teaching in old China.The course of sinology was divided into three categories: recitation, organization and training.This reform program focused on reading ancient books and training students' basic skills.The aim was to cultivate students' national character, personality and implement it through strict training of reading and writing.

Qian Jibo conducted strict discipline in all aspects and he taught by example rather than words.In order to inspire students to ask more questions, he did lots of recitation of texts.Qian Jibo believed that teachers must be teachers, teachers are in responsibility of educating students, changing the style of study and the social atmosphere.As a teacher, one should not only impart knowledge, but also act as a student.In addition to educating people at home and abroad in teaching, Qian had always advocated cultivating students' national self-esteem with traditional culture and firmly opposed to blindly worshiping foreign languages and completely westernization so as to practice the inherent spirit of the China.

Every time he read a book, he would make a summary. When Qian Jibo was teaching at Central China Normal University, except for teaching, he always read books and copied books.Each time Qian read a book, he would extract some of it into his diary and write his opinions.

When the sunset was just at the corner, Qian lived in Wuchang.During the rectification period, as a member of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), he put forward insights on the major plans for the construction of the party and the country.

Qian had devoted his whole life to the governance of the country, burnt himself in the sinology, and built his life in it.

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