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National Engineering Laboratory for Educational Big Data (NELEBD)


Based on and supported by Central China Normal University (CCNU), the National Engineering Laboratory for Educational Big Data (NELEBD) is the first and the only national-level engineering laboratory in China that specializes in educational big data research and application innovation.

In January 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission of People’s Republic of China (NDRC) released the official notice “Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on the Establishment of National Engineering Laboratory for Educational Big Data”(the High Technology Office of the NDRC [2017], No.149), officially announced CCNU is the lead in establishing NELEBD with other relevant institutes. In order to implement the construction task requirements of the NDRC as well as the Ministry of Education ofthe People's Republic of China, and also to better promote the construction and development of the Laboratory, NELEBD was approved the establishment by CCNU on March 18, 2017, in the form of teaching and research units.

NELEBD’s mission is to enhance the independent innovation ability of educational big data application technology, to accelerate the innovationof basic theory and service pattern of educational big data application, and to help the development of education to be precise, personalized and intelligent. Currently, the main task of the Laboratory is to provide professional solutions for the problems in monitoring students' learning/growth process, managing teaching process quality, and making educational intelligent decisions. Thus, the Laboratory focuses on the research and industrialization of related technologies, such as learning process tracking and quantification, education data fusion and sharing, comprehensive modeling and analysis, dynamic monitoring and intelligent decision-making, and R&D and engineering of education data visualization.

NELEBD targets to become not only a domestic leading but also an international first-class platform for educational big data theory research, engineering experiment, educational management service, and specialized talents training. Through the construction of the Educational Big Data Application Technology R&D Platform and the Innovation Application Research Center (consisting of “One Big Data Center + Five R&D Platforms + Seven Research Centers” (“1+5+7” mode)), NELEBD will play a key role in improving the quality of education, promoting education fairness and educational governance ability, supporting the development goal of national education modernization, and reshaping future education with intelligence as the core.

As a vital part of the national big data innovation network, NELEBD will adhere to the concept of collaborative innovation, open, and sharing. Through gathering potential R&D resources around the world, NELEBD will accelerate the creation of “Technology breakthrough – equipment R&D – integrated optimization – demonstration application – industry promotion” educational big data innovation chain. In addition, NELEBD will promote the deep application and industrialization of educational big data and form a sustainable synergy mechanism for industry, university and research. From the seamless link with national and local big data strategic innovation networks, NELEBD is capable of providing robust support to the improvement of innovation capability and international competitiveness of China’s education, and to the cultivation and development of China's educational big data industry ecology.

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