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National Research Center for Cultural Industries


1. Introduction

Founded in 2006 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, the National Research Center for Cultural Industries (NRCCI) at Huazhong Normal University is one-of-a-kind across six provinces of central China. NRCCI oversees three research arms:Wuhan Institute of Cultural Innovation, Think Tank on Cultural System Reform in Hubei Province and Hubei Provincial Research Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage. Based in Hubei Province with global visions and a purpose of developing applied research competencies, the Center is committed to advancing the development of cultural industries sector in central China through expanding research studies related to cultural industries. As a result of the efforts over the past several years, the center sees itself as a comprehensive and open multidisciplinary research and public service unit which brings together researchers and partners from academia, governments, businesses and beyond.

NRCCI includes a multidisciplinary faculty that administer Level-A graduate training programs comprised of such areas as Chinese History, Chinese Language and Literature, Management Science and Engineering, and Public Administration. NCCRI also offers standalone coursework in cultural industries and resources studies leading to taught professional master's, taught master's and Ph.D. degrees. Since its founding, NRCCI has evolved into a major research and teaching hub, with current research emphases on cultural industry policy and planning, national art and cultural industries, culture and science and technology innovation, tourism, exhibition and digitization, the preservation and utilization of intangible cultural heritage as well as rural and peasant culture studies.The Center is led by a core team of highly acclaimed researchers who are recognized by their strong research competence, innovative approach to academics and a well-balanced knowledge structure.

2. The functions of Center

Developing theoretical framework for the development of cultural industries;

Supplying professional talent to the cultural industries sector;

Offering advisory and consulting services to government departments at all levels;

Establishing a collaborative innovation platform for the development of cultural industries.

3. Academic Staff

The Center has established a team of teachers with reasonable structure and distinctive characteristics.The current faculty consists of more than 60 members, including full-time and part-time professors and researchers.

4. Discipline Construction and Talent Cultivation

NRCCI offers free-standing M.A. programs in cultural resources and cultural industries studies in addition to Ph.D. programs and a professional Master’s program in agriculture studies (rural culture).

Taking full advantages of university-wide multidisciplinary curricular approach, NRCCI has set 9 major research directions in such areas as history studies, literature, management, technology, art and so on.

By cultivating top talent who are breaking convention to forge connection between liberal arts and engineering, NRCCI has been a fertile ground and training base for well-rounded talent with innovative mindset in central China.

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