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Institute for Advanced Study in Political Science (Institute for China Rural Studies)


Institute for Advanced Study in Political Science (Institute for China Rural Studies) at the Central China Normal University specializes in researches on political science and rural studies. It is the key research institute supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education for the study of Humanities and Social Science, ranking the first among national key research institutes in the 2016 assessment by the Ministry of Education. It is shortlisted as one of top four national institutes of "first-class discipline in political science" to pursue world-class research in political studies.

The institute is the first one in China introducing empirical methods into political science and one of the institutes in China that conducted researches on rural governance since 1980s. It has undertaken over 10 national research projects funded by the Ministry of Education. It has published more than 10 articles in “Social Sciences in China" journal, the top Chinese social science journal, for last 8 years.

Since 2008, it has conducted annual follow-up surveys have been conducted in 303 villages and over 5,000 rural households nationwide. Qualitative researches have been carried out in 350 villages and with 3000 rural households since 2015. One of our publication is “Rural China Investigation” series with approximately 100 million words. It has collected and built a “China rural database” that consists of over 50,000 local chronicles, 60,000 genealogical records, archives of 50 villages and basic data on 600,000 villages nationwide.

Data collection and translation projects of world rural investigation started in 2010, and from 2012 onwards, overseas research fieldworks have been undertaken. One of our project is a historical investigation of the studies by Japanese scholars and officials in the 1940s, called “Manchurian Rural Investigation” series, to be expected to have translations and publications of 100 volumes.

The institute is also the think tank for the General Office of CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council of PRC. Our key staff has been delivering thematic lectures for the top Chinese leaders of the 16thCentral Committee of CCP. About 60 policy brief papers have been commented and accepted annually by Chinesegovernments.

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