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CCNU Leaders and Students Gather to Celebrate Chinese Lunar

Revision:Translation: Dai Cong Yin Shasha Revision: You Suqing Jiang Anshu Liu WenboDate:2015/03/05

CCNU Leaders and Students Gather to Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

On February 17, six CCNU School leaders including Chancellor Ma Min and President Yang Zongkai along with students who stayed on campus during the winter vacation had lunch together in Guixiangyuan School Canteen to celebrate the coming Spring Festival.

Ma reviewed the achievements of CCNU in the last year and extended best wishes to all the teachers and students. The school leaders sat among students and chatted with them. This special lunch made students feel at home.

Besides the New Year’s dinner, CCNU also prepared gift money and presents for each of those students. In the evening, students gathered and watched CCTV Spring Festival Gala. On the first and second day of the Lunar New year, they were provided with free meals in the canteen.

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