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CSC Scholarship for Excellent Self Supporting Students


Ddmin:admin Date:2014/04/02
To appreciate and help self supporting students who have an excellent record of both overall behaviour and grade and also self supporting students with financial difficulties, the China Scholarship Secretariat (CSC) is awarding scholarships to five (5) Bachelor students and six (6) Post Graduate students.

This would cover a one - time scholarship award.
a. 18,000RMB (undergraduate) and
b. 30,000RMB (post graduate)

a. To be eligible, the student should:
b. Be a self supporting student
c. Have studied a year or more of a degree program
d. Be an excellent student (have excellent record of overall behavior and grades)
e. Students with financial difficulties are also eligible for this scholarship. The student should provide proof of his/her financial state.

a. Login and Complete the online application at CSC online application system for international students. Complete all required information, submit the completed application form for Chine Government Scholarship online and print a hard copy. (
b. Download and print the CCNU certificate. This certificate should prove that the student is a student of CCNU and a self-supporting student. (

a. Online Application form (in Chinese or English)
b. Academic transcripts
c. Proof of Financial state if applicable.

All applications should be submitted latest by 20th April, 2014 to Office 208.

After submitting all application documents,

a. The first selection would be made by CCNU. This selection would take into account good behaviour which comprises of an overall attitude in and outside class, in the dormitory as well as in and out of CCNU and also academic transcripts.
b. CCNU would select and recommend students for this scholarship and would publish a name list of all approved self supporting students.
c. This namelist would be submitted to CSC
d. The second and final selection and decision would be decided by CSC. The final namelist from CSC would be published in June.

College of International Cultural Exchange
April 2, 2014

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