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Notice of the Annual Review on the Chinese Government Schola


Ddmin:admin Date:2014/04/18
To all the scholarship students:
According to the documentary requirements of China Scholarship Council,our college is going to organize Chinese government Scholarship students to be annually reviewed. Annual review is a comprehensive evaluation on the Chinese Government Scholarship students in our university who are hoping to enjoy the next year’s scholarship. The content to be reviewed includes academic results, learning attitude, attendance, behaviors, rewards and punishment cases. Those students who can not pass the review will not be eligible to continue the next year's scholarship.
Annual Review
All scholarship students are expected to deal with this review seriously. Students who participate in the review can download the "Chinese Government Scholarship Review Form" from our college website (( “中文” “文件下载” 点击“下一页” 第3页 “中国政府奖学金评审表”), then they should complete and print the form by yourself and return it to Ofiice 206 before May 1st.
Only Master and PHD students can apply for scholarship extension. The documents are: 中国政府奖学金评审表(download from website and complete and print the form by yourself)、《中国政府奖学金生延长奖学金期限申请表》(pick up in office 208)、大使馆出具的同意函(agreement paper from embassy)---submit to office 208 before May 1st.
Note: All scholarship students who have studied in CCNU over 1 year or have applied for extending scholarship must take part in this review.
The scholarship students who will graduate on July 2014 as planned don't need to take part in this review.
All the pre-school students should attend annual review.

College of International Cultural Exchange
April 2, 2014

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