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Our youth in those years



In the movie, there’s an honor student Shen Jiayi (Chen Yanxi, played) who is very popular among the boys in her class. And just like all boys, Ke Jingteng (Ke Zhengdong, played) also has a crush on the pretty girl, but he is not dare to pursue her at first. After graduating from high school, they get together. However, Ke Jingteng holds free fighting with others, which resulting in their break-up, even though they still love each other. Eventually, Shen Jiayi, his beloved girl becomes another man’s wife.

· The more deep pain, on behalf of my loved more full.

· No train passed, tracks just drab line. The rain is only gray graffiti diagonal lines.

· Everyone of your heart, there’s a Shen Jiayi.

· You are the apple of my eye.

The story begins with Chen Xun (Eddie Peng) and Fang Hui (Ni Ni) meeting during their first year of senior high school, the time when love’s kindred spirit first begins to awaken.A crush develops between the two. They begin dating and share their first kiss, and then they begin to quarrel before finally drifting apart from each other.


The closing song plays over a dramatic scene in which Chen, with tears in his eyes, looks upon his love for the first time after a long separation. The audience is left to wonder whether the two get back together again.

I do not regret having such a wonderful dream, I only wish it would last longer.

 Fang Hui said: "we all thought grow up can let us accompany each other forever, so we’d rather spend all costs to grow up, but when we are old enough to say goodbye to the youth, it suddenly occurred to us that  grew up would only make us part..."  

· Fang Hui said: "When we were young, we always hurt each other. Finally, we are  desperate, because we know that the only way to   save each other is separated."

 In the movie, Lin Zhenxin (Song Yunha), an ordinary girl meets a riffraff boy Xu Tianyu (Wang Dalu) at high school. They hide their love for each other, fearing their feelings are unrequited. They grow up and drift apart.


Our Times depicts, in detail, the protagonist’s high school experiences with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

· Time flies, yet there is always a song engraving in your mind; And in the crowd, there is always someone waiting right there for you to turn round.  

· Youth always starts to glitter for someone.

· We always keep watching the back of someone but forget the one with whom we feel comfortable and relaxed, and who strikes us the most.

· I wish to be part of your wish.

· When girls say “I’m OK”, it actually means “there is something wrong”; When girls say “it’s okay?”, it actually means “it’s not okay”.


· Thanks for your company in the years of my youth.



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