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The Captivating Boy in Twinkle

Revision:Wang Yihan;Xiang GuiminDate:2017/04/05

Days flash by as the glint of a white horse. For most seniors, life in CCNU is almost coming to an end. Among them, some will leave with laughter, while some with worries and regrets. What can I do to bear the happy past in mind? What should I do to create best memories? Whether or not can I leave with a perfect ending? Most seniors are thinking of these questions and Chen Yuanhao is no exception.

“I know starring in the film can enrich the rest campus life.” Chen Yuanhao said. He is the supporting actor of the film, twinkle. Compared with his external charms: handsome appearance, warm smile and appealing voice, what impresses people more deeply will be his internal sincerity and optimism.

On the afternoon of March 28th, we met him at the 9th floor of the library and had an interview there. The conversation is as follows.

Q1: Why do you want to take part in the shooting?

Chen: I’m rather regretful for not having attended any club in the last four years. So, when I heard of the audition notification, I knew I had to be part of it to make up for blanks of my college entertainment life as well as enrich myself further.

Q2: Did you encounter any problems in the audition?

Chen: To tell the truth, I first went there for the hero. However, as a senior student, I soon found that it was too hard for me to convey a freshman’s shyness and innocence. Therefore, I told the director my concerns and he gave me my present role. To my relief, I performed well in the audition and successfully got the role.

Q3: Is this the first time you take part in a shooting?

Chen: Not exactly. I had similar experiences before. I major in Vocal Music Performance and have accumulated some experiences in acting by putting on shows in Beijing and Shanghai. So to some extent, this shooting is not a hard task for me.

Q4: Is your previous experience helpful for this shooting?

Chen: Of course. It’s previous performing experience that makes me so familiar with the feeling of standing in front of the screen and not afraid of camera lens, for which I stepped into the role quickly and seldom made mistakes for personal reasons.

Q5: What’s the character of the role you play?

Chen: His name is Zhang Wei. He was born in a rich family, which makes him an arrogant boy with an innate sense of superiority. He falls in love with the heroine and spares no efforts to pursue her. However, the result is unsatisfactory.

Q6: Do you have anything in common with Zhang Wei?

Chen: We are both concerned about our appearance and pay special attention to the latest fashions. We will both spend a large proportion of money and efforts in burnishing our images.

Q7: Have you experienced anything interesting in the shooting ?

Chen: The director is interesting. He just uses “ugly” or “not ugly” to judge all things, such as the table arrangement, pictures on the wall and so on. In fact, he is a perfectionist in his work. However, he is also friendly and nice to all the staff members.

Q8: What do you think of other actors and actresses?

Chen: I haven’t got interactions with all the performers, so I just talk about some of them here. The heroine, Wang Gege, is an absolute beauty whether regarding to the appearance or to the minds. To be honest, I didn’t think she suited the role well at the beginning despite her impressive appearance as the heroine is an innocent girl who has just stepped into the university. Wang looks pretty mature. However, after watching some shooting segments, I firmly believed that she was qualified for the role with ease. Besides, she is admirable as an outstanding student with excellent achievements in study and work.

In terms of the hero, Qu Yifei, I just couldn’t imagine a freshman can get this role, but he made it. At 18, he is the youngest one in the crew and the character is perfectly tailored for him. Whatever kind of character the director wants him to interpret in the film, he can meet the expectations. It is no exaggeration to say that he will transcend me in the future.

As for the supporting actress, Chen Siyu, she was named “The Most Beautiful Girl In The Military Training” in 2013. With fair cheeks and sweet smile, she can play the role well.

After graduation, he will go to the UK for further study. Wish him a promising future!

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