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Quan Xianxing : Standing at Graduation Season Again

Revision:Suo Lingling;Lu MinjieDate:2017/05/22


Quan xianxing , a counselor of the School of Foreign Language who is known for handsome appearance and extraordinary performance in both academy and student work. Meanwhile, he is also a graduate who has been in the workforce for one year. At this special moment of graduation season again, he would like to share some valuable advice and ideas with us.

Looking back to college life

Five years ago, like any other high school graduatecounselor Quan went through the College Entrance Examination. He held a full expectation to study journalism in college but the result of College Entrance Examination dealt him a blow. He failed to be admitted to Journalism and was transferred to Russian.

Despite brushing past his ideal major, he still sketched out a long-term plan for his college life including keeping a positive attitude towards Russian study and doing some student work. He says, “I am not the man who likes to dwell on regrets or complaints. I prefer adjusting myself to accept the present with enthusiasm and finding the meaning in it.” So he outlined three key words for his four-year life: pursuing, trying and growing. He was pursuing pleasure in learning; he was trying different experiences; he was growing through each attempt. By a series of exploration, he found he still couldn’t drop his love on journalism, so he chose it as the minor subject; by growing in every attempt, he shaped a better self. It’s these three key words that perform as the compass in the mist to get him through all the setbacks in his college.

When talking about the biggest treasure he gained in college, he summarized two aspects: a proper perspective on problems and the ability to handle the pressure. Numerous moments in college life taught him to keep a moderate way of thinking what qualifies he had to make himself a teacher. Furthermore, he has formed a positive attitude towards the heavy pressure and the hardships in life. Never be extreme while thinking over a problem and never lose heart in face of hostility from life. These are the ways he looks at life and deals with other people and stuff.

When talking about the regrets in college, counselor Quan expressed his pity on not sparing enough time and energy on journalism. He also mentioned his precious relationship with a pretty girl. He admitted that although sufferings of the regrets did discourage him in the past, he still cherishes them pretty much since each regret teaches him a valuable lesson as well as contributes to his further development.

Focusing on the present


Transforming from a college student to a counselor, he doesn’t experience so much a change in identity as escalation of minds. He has formed a relatively peaceful mindset towards the gain and loss, which doesn’t mean he loses the motivation of self-improvement but helps him to keep modest and stride forward steadily.

Wishes for juniors

As a senior, he feels like giving several pieces of advice to the graduates. To begin with, graduation is not the end, but a new start of another journey. What a graduate needs to do now is to cherish the precious moments with his or her close friends and value those beauties in campus. These moments and stuff will become invaluable treasure in one’s life. Another advice is that graduates need to learn how to avoid considering things in the workforce from students’ perspective. The shift of their roles requires more responsibilities as adults and a long-term view of development trends. After all, the present job and position isn’t the final form of any one’s career. Youth means limitless possibilities.

At the same time, as a counselor of English majors, he also provides his students with practical advice. He reminds them that graduation is never beyond reach. They are supposed to grasp any opportunity to develop themselves as college is a place in which your mistakes can be forgiven. They needn’t be overwhelmed by misgivings and fear. Another suggestion is to improve each one’s core competitive ability. It’s not the position in a student organization decides what they are but the ability they really have that decides. The final suggestion is to plan early. “You need to make it clear what you want to do after college and make a plan to achieve it. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to regret at graduation”, counselor Quan says.










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