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Life with Guitar

Revision:Xiang Guimin; Zhao WenbinDate:2017/05/22

       In CCNU, there is a group of people who are fond of playing music. One day, they gathered. And then, their musical journey began. They play guitar together and share with each other; beautiful melodies flow from their fingertips. The Guitar Association is like home to its members. They have harvested friendship, and experienced unalloyed pleasures in this big family.

A freshman named Liu Zhengyan is one of its members. He plays guitar very well, so he wins many girls’ affection. As a cadre in this association, he helps develop this club.


On the evening of May 7th, I met him at the No.7 building and had an interview there. The conversation went as follows.

Q1: What kinds of music do you like?

Liu Zhengyan: I like many types, such as blues, funk and rock. And rock is my favorite. But I’m not very fond of folk songs.

Q2: Do you prefer English songs or Chinese songs?

Liu Zhengyan: I like both. Music has no national boundaries. Compared to beautiful melodies, lyrics mean nothing.

Q3: Why did you choose to enter the Guitar Association?

Liu Zhengyan: I like the mass organization culture all the time. When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time on various clubs. And in college, I want to continue to do what I enjoy. For me, the Guitar Association is like my home. I want to make friends with whom I share the same hobbies.

Q4: Except guitar, what other musical instruments can you play?

Liu Zhengyan: Strictly speaking, I can’t play any instrument because I’m not proficient in them. But from the point of contact, I can play erhu, piano, accordion, drum set and so forth.

Q5: What problems have you encountered in the process of learning these musical instruments?

Liu Zhengyan: Many people think guitar is easy to learn. There are many books teaching you how to master the guitar in three months. But to my understanding, it requires a whole life to learn the guitar.

When you begin to play the stringed instruments, your fingers hurt. And you have to recite the music scores for every performance. Practice makes perfect. You’d better start from practice to theory.

Q6: Do you think it’s late to learn the guitar?

Liu Zhengyan: It’s never too late to learn. I often visit the nearby musical instrument stores. Some middle-aged people would ask the teacher this question and the answer is positive. Obviously, it’s the same with young people.

Q7How can a beginner learn faster?

Liu Zhengyan: I think there are two factors. The subjective factor is how strong your interest is and if you have the talent. The objective one is what the learning atmosphere is and whether you have a good teacher. Furthermore, it’s no use looking at the music scores or teaching materials. You need to listen more. Many students are proud that they are able to play a song perfectly as long as they have the music score. However, those students can just be judged as medium level players. The real master can copy the melody by listening, or even make adaptions to it.

Q8: What do you learn from the experience in this club?

Liu Zhengyan: Firstly, I’m a cadre in our association. I have been exerting myself to be qualified for the president. Therefore, I have to hold some activities, such as daily teaching classes, and folk festival, in which I’m required to review the tracks, rent place, control the sound and arrange stuffs, etc. These can train my ability of organization. Secondly, I can attain skills of teaching through the teaching class. It’s really a challenging thing. Thirdly, I get to know how to communicate with various kinds of people without offending them.

Q9: What do you think of the past one year?

Liu Zhengyan: I think I led a fulfilling life. CCNU is a suitable place for playing music. You can become an accomplished and confident performer if you grasp the numerous opportunities CCNU provides. The only weakness is there are too many girls in CCNU, who are unsuitable for rock and roll. At least, girls’ performance effects are not as excellent as boys’.

Q10: What other hobbies do you have in daily life?

Liu Zhengyan: I’m fond of reading books, especially the historical books of famous figures and sociology books about Marx. And novel is also one of my choices.

Q11: Do you have a girlfriend? What do you think of love relationships in college?

Liu Zhengyan: I don’t have a girlfriend and I haven’t considered finding one. I’m just too busy to squeeze time for it. If it comes, I will accept with pleasure; if it doesn’t, I can still have fun. I do believe the love relationships in college can have satisfactory results, since my uncle and aunt are college classmates.

Q12:  Do you think these leisure-time activities have occupied too much time?

Liu Zhengyan: I don’t think so. I have to admit that professional learning is rather important, but these activities are indispensable for me. And after one-year study, I think I can strike a balance between study and entertainment. A good learner is bound to know how to relax himself.

Q13: What do you think of WuhanWill you go back to Shanghai or stay in Wuhan after graduation?

Wuhan is dryer than Shanghai. The traffic is more crowded, and the drainage system is poorer. However, there are more cultural relics in Wuhan, which like most. I have been to Museum of Wuchang Uprising of 1911 Revolution. It’s well worth visiting! People here are friendly and frank. I think it is possible for me to stay in Wuhan after graduation. Because I want to explore Wuhan and feel its infinite charm.


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