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Lovely Dorm-caretakers in CCNU

Revision:Zhao Wenbin; Yang HaiyanDate:2017/05/22


There is a group of people, watching us walk out of the dormitory every morning and waiting for us no matter how late we come back at night . They make sure dormitory rules and regulations are observed and every student is safe and sound in the dorm. Given the fact that they are always in the same place, the first floor of a dorm, most students seem to be familiar with them. However, during the interview, “80% of them cannot tell our names when they greet us. Students knowing our names are few.”, the dorm-caretakers said.


Xiong Ping and Cheng Shuwen, dorm-caretakers of Yuanbaoshan Dormitory Building number 2, have been working in CCNU for nearly 6 years. Routine as the work is, they devote themselves to it. “We treat the students as if they were our own children.”, they said together.


Understanding of Dorm-caretaking Work


  When it comes to their daily work, Mrs Xiong referred that safety is of paramount importance and it is the core to ensure a safe dorm environment for students. Mrs Cheng explained, “For instance, prevent boys from entering our dorm, keep an eye on strangers who have wired postures or behaviors.” They have accumulated lots of experience of “recognizing faces”. Mrs Xiong also shared, “We have exams to test our ability of identifying students’ faces. You can pick anyone in front of me and I can tell you if she lives in our dorm.”

 They are not only the guardians of our safety, but also care-takers of our daily life. Every time when certain dorm facility does not work, they will record it on their notebooks immediately and ask for the help from technicians; every time when a student is ill or injured, they will try their best to give a hand. “We regard all these students as our own kids. Several days ago, a girl felt sick at midnight and I let her lie on my bed and provided her with brown sugar water. Fortunately, she felt much better later.” Mrs Xiong recalled.

Impression on CCNU Students

“CCNU students are really good. Most time children are considerate and well-behaved, but sometimes also have some bad habits.” Three pieces of advice are given by them. Firstly, try not to come back dorm late. “Because when you come back late, you will disturb those students who have already slept. In addition, be polite when we open the door for you.” Mrs Cheng added. Secondly, remember to take the key when leaving the room. “We don’t mean to be angry with or blame you when you come for the key. We just want you to learn to be responsible for yourself. Just imagine, when you are in work, will you turn to your boss for help if you leave your office key at home?” They explained. Thirdly, no use of high-power electrical equipment. Some students only care about short-term benefits, but what dorm-caretakers attach great importance is the whole building’s security.

      Sometimes we think dorm-caretaers are strict, but now we understand that without their strictness we can’t live such a comfortable and safe life.

Share of Colorful Lives

In their spare time, they have a wide range of hobbies. Mrs Cheng told us that she likes traveling very much. She has been to many places, including Sichuan, Hunan and Guizhou, in which she expanded her knowledge and explored new things. Mrs Xiong mentioned she likes singing and playing Mahjong. They also told us, Mrs Gan, one of their fellows, is fond of reading history books. What’s more, Mrs Gan is a fan of Chairman Mao, for which she has read many of his autobiographies.

We never know them until we get close to them. They are not just the ladies sitting there, supervising us and helping us. They are our friends with whom we live in the same building and share the same hobbies


      Dorm-caretakers play an indispensable role in our life. They are not only our safety keeper but also our friends, our families. If we understand each other more and get to know each other more, we can build a more harmonious family.

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