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The Water of Life

Revision:Lu MingjieDate:2017/05/26

Anything one man can imagine other men can make real. ——Jules Verne    

“I want to be a counselor; the kind of counselor that is good for students, which is what I am going to fulfill.” He is Wu Wenjie, the counselor in School of Music.  

I acquired my bachelor’s degree and master's degree in Huazhong Agricultural University. Seven years ago, as a new member of university, I felt everything around me was new and fresh. There is too much longing for college life in each freshman’s heart. So do I. I believe I will have a different start here. I can try what I am really interested in here.  

When asked about his major, he said,” my major is Agro-Forestry Economic Management. When others ask what it is, we, students, always replied,” Planting trees, keeping monkeys". Actually, its professional learning has its own characteristics. For one thing, we have to learn so many courses, such as Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Law, Accounting, Financial Management, and Mathematical Modeling, Econometrics, Foreign Trade, Forestry Economics, Management Psychology, Human Resources Management, and so on. Now, these subjects become every interesting when thinking about them again. For another thing, we have many opportunities to practice. At that time, the teacher took us to the Lion Rock on the forestry economy course, from which we identify the species of trees. The scenes are now like movies, playing in front of my eyes.

Then, I asked,” What is your career plan? Are there any changes in the subsequent study and practice?” He said,” At that time, my plan is to learn my major well, to be a village officer after graduation, and to make a part of the development of the rural areas. Nevertheless, everything changed. I met a wonderful counselor. It seems like he knows everything. He often chated with us, and was very concerned about our study and life. I began to worship the magic of counselor. I felt that helping students grow up is also a very meaningful and valuable thing, and it can be interesting, too. Furthermore, the key point is I was going to enjoy my summer and winter vacations. Then I thought I would be a counselor and a good counselor for students.”    

After this, we talk about “What did you harvest during your college?” he said,” to begin with, I had worked as a student cadre for three years, which makes my character changed ---- from introversion to extroversion. Then, talking about love, I had been with my girlfriend for three years. Although she and I are in different cities, we did not break up, and we got married this year. Besides, there are several good friends, and by the influence of my roommates, I fell in love with reading in the last year of my college, which benefited all my life. I sat in the library, read books in the six months before graduation. What’s more, I participated in the Graduate Student Corps in the last year of my study life. After graduation, we went to Guizhou to teach students who live in rural areas, which was a valuable experience.”  

At last, he gave some advice to students who were going to graduate and who were still struggling in the university.  

For graduates:  

Do not give up learning. Work hard when you participate in your work. Do your utmost to complete you work well. Be good at listening. Learning experience from predecessors. The most important is to persist in learning; only in this way can you have opportunities to continue updating.  

For students at university:  

Some students immerse in games and  have no plan in college, or just do not care anything. We get into university only once, so cherish the time, make plans, listen to your hearts, and set clear goals. Achieve them one by one and do not fail to fulfill your youth.

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