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Unconsciouslythe departure time is approaching, It is time to bid  farewell again!

Those who are going to leave Guizi Mountain

have something to say 

How should I learn? 

Yue Huixiao, graduate from School of Information Technology for Education, received the postgraduate recommendation  to School of Education in Beijing University. Heranked the top one in academic credit for three consecutive years. 

If you ask about my study style, I’ll say learn from practice. People who’d like spending time on all sorts of stuffs,must learn quickly. Because during this process he need to learn a lot , and in this way he can have a solid understanding of what has learned. When confronted some problems, you can develop yourproblem-solving ability by tackling it.

Besides that Find something you love and keep going. No matter how it goes, there is always  something for you.Some people think they lack experience, but no one is highly experienced at first .So take your first step bravely!

Jiang Qianni, from School of Physical Science and Technology, whose credit ranked the top  in her major from grade one to three, will go study abroad at Northwestern University or University of Washington 

It is a challenge to make up your mind to study abroadin college.. You have to utilize your four years to achieve a six-year desired result  the very moment you make the decision. The mor e you pay, the more you will gain.when you are caught by the rain of offer in the last semester, when you are to fight another battle on foreign land, you will find out that all the efforts make sense. 

Studying abroad means you’ll make efforts for academic research, credit points and language. May everyone in CCNU who wants to study abroad could finally pay off.

Gong Jia, a graduate  from School of Computer Science, admitted by  Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 

As for postgraduate exam, you have to find out whether you are suitable for it. And then, you should be aware of your own goal and motivation towards postgraduate. Then you’ll be strong-willed and feel enriched in this procedure. Postgraduate exam is also a fight of information. You should pay  more attention to your favourite school and major. Don’t enquire others aimlessly and make your own decision.

The pursuit of postgraduate is a long journey full of happiness and hardships. You make the choice, you  go with hardness. Setting up a goal, finding the right way and paying attention to relevant information will ampyou up in this battle.


Liu Yangzi, from School of Journalism and communication, admitted by Communication University of China.

Before making  up my mind, I asked myself once and once again why I chose it and whether it fited me Many people choose to go on further study for the great pressure from parents and employment. But it doesn’t fit everyone.For one thing,some jobs require more woking experience which may not be acquired from postgraduate. AndFor another, it takes persistence ,perseverance and skills to achieve it.  

What matters most is to believe in yourself and please yourself while learning. You’ll be full of energy only if study is considered fun.He Xueyao, from School of psychology, obtainssecond degree   of Finance in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. No matter how busy it is, I still draw a conclusion of the day. The 5R note-taking skill will help you strengthen out the whole procedure. By means of tools and models, our logical thinking can be trained which can help us get rid of intuition and inertiaGood tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. Studying tools are extremely important to study The duly use of toolscan help you  get twofold results with half the effort;

How should I spend my undergraduate time?

Li Anran, School of Information Technology for Education, participated in several scientific research project and got great grades in many  competitions like  Contest of Internet+.

We have to solve many problems all by ourselves in our long life journeys. We can’t always depend on others But we need to make more excellent friends for the encouragement and  fine example. Making friends is just like reading books, from which we can find our own goals and directions,  

So do not afraid being alone or it is too late to do. Only if there’s a dream, no matter when you get started there’s still a way for you.

Guan Yizheng, from School of Physical Science and Technology, won national and school scholarship for three consecutive years.  

Life is full of various choices,as for the present stage, go to work ,go on postgraduate ,go abroad or set up   your own business are the prime choice. It doesn’t matter which choice is  most promising but which one suits you better really matters. Make a suitable decision and fight for it. “You can not have both ways”.What I want to say is Whichever way you ultimately choose, even it is covered with thorns all over, you should never  hesitate to run upon all the trials and hardships.

Zhang Ruiqi, from School of Physical Education and Sportsreceived postgraduate recommendation of Zhejing University. 

I never had been puffed by any ambition since I was admitted to CCNU. Every distinct and specific target outlined my four years. I don’t think there is any difference among students from our School of PE and other schools. I wouldn’t like to be judged by different standards.

I grant ambition may keep you away and make you flinch. But we all know that one can’t reach sky with a single step. You can set small targets and go straight ahead step by step. Trust me you will enjoy it.

Should I start my own business? 

Facing the employment pressure, more and more students resolve to start their own businesses. If you have an idea of entrepreneurship, never follow the trend blindly. First of all you should make a full market research, and analysis it carefully. to make sure that  the relevant market does exists. Second, the orientation of the business must be in your experienced field. Third, you ought to treat your small business as a hobby rather than a tool to make money. By participating in more social practice, you can   obtain all kinds of abilities in all fields.  You need to be capable against compression, even be ready to fail at any time.

I don’t think entrepreneurship is the most important stuff in college. If you really need a packet to invest, you can apply for a government entrepreneurial loan. The government has supportive policies for students' business. Business partners matters as well. If your ideas are good enough, there will be many interested people willing to cooperate with you. There are still many other ways, of course, to keep a business, but I think these two methods are the most convenient for our students.

By Liu Kezhan from School of Fine Art.


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