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My Secret Garden

Revision:Wang YihanDate:2017/10/15

This is a place that is unknown to most students and only a few old teachers know it. I found it just by chance.

One day, when I walked along a path in front of the teaching building, a mysterious force led me to go deeper, to see if there would be something new. Suddenly, my eyes widened. It was paradise! I could only marvel at its beauty with my breath held for fear of disturbing it. Staying far away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy life, it is filled with a sense of harmony and quiet. A light brown wooden table and several small wooden seats were placed in the grove, the world of green. The soft breeze was continuously blowing, leaves were gently rustling and the birds were singing. What an exquisite piece of natural music! Sunlight seemed to be fixed with bells. All the way it went, all the way the bells were ringing, bestowing upon all things life and a sense of holiness. Trees wore a gown of bright emerald, flowers perfumed the air, and birds were nesting in branches up high.

Shifting my eyes to the path, where I stood, I saw a lot of irises. They are my favorite flower. I’ve never seen irises that could almost reach my wrist. Displaying an air of elegance and royalty, delicate stalks held the appealing flowers, which glowed with complicated colors. The color of leaves was also unique. It gave a feeling that endless vitality kept gushing out. Unknown flowers, although little, like a dot drawn by the colored pen, bloomed in profusion. They were easily ignored but life was their own, so they tried their best to live beautifully.

All were blithe and happy, filling my hearts with hope.

Occasionally several old teachers would pass this path, in silence but wearing a smile on the face. Apparently, they all considered this place sacred and fine. And they could achieve inner peace.

I call it my secret garden. When I am in low spirits or get very anxious, I will come here. The voiceless trees teach me to calm down and be brave; the quiet flowers teach me to live confidently and beautifully; the breeze teaches me to get an open mind and live freely. There, I can talk with my heart and then strive for my future.

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