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Happy Halloween to you, my friend!


The sky is blue, the grass is green, may we have our Halloween!

On the night of October 27th, a long-anticipated Halloween party held by Foreign Language School was on its main presenters were Lauryn, Emily, Jennifer, Cherrie and Elise. 

Half an hour before the start, students wearing eerie make-up outlandish costumes gathered at the third floor of Foreign Language School, talking excitedly with each other, and waiting with anxiety.


At 7:30 p.m., the party began with a short speech delivered by Lauryn, whose purpose was to give participants a better understanding of the Halloween party and arouse their enthusiasm.


After that, the fun part officially began! Now let’s go on our Halloween journey and have a review.

In the party, 5 rooms were designed with different topics. Your fantastic trip started at Room 3306, which was called the carving room. There, by using fruit knives, you could create your own Jack-O’-Lantern with pumpkins, tangerines and bell peppers provided by Cherrie. Many students regarded this activity as their favorite one. “This handicraft made me feel the joy of DIY. See, it looks really nice in the dark.” as one of the students recalled, “What impressed me most was the work of a creative little boy. He used a pumpkin to make his Jack-O’-Lantern. The funny thing was, when put in the dark, it looked like a cute baby. But once you lit the fire, it looked really scary!”


Your second stop was Room 3307, where you could hear a scary story “well-designed” by Emily--Poor Joe. Joe was a poor guy fell victim to a goblin, who would eat people’s organs like ears, eyes, tongues, fingers, toes and so on. In the course of the story, Emily let students pass on paper bags one by one and stretch their hands in. Inside of the bag was Poor Joe’s dead fingers, blood-soaked eyes, stiff toes, icy ears, and slimy tongue! Imagine you were sitting in a dark room, listening to a scary story. And in the gruesome atmosphere, you can feel the disgusting dead organs with your own hands, how scary!


The next stop was Room 3308, which was called the Game room. In this room, you could play games such as: Biting Apples, Passing on Melon Seeds, You gesture I guess and so on. Students all spared no effort to win the tempting gifts.


The following stop was Room 3304, where you could watch fun video clips, and participate in the Q&A to win candies and other prizes.

Your last stop would be Room 3310. It’s a photo booth with a decoration of Happy Halloween hanging on the wall. Beautiful girls wearing princess dress, kimono or other costumes were all attracted to take photos there. They laughed and had much fun, and their gaiety was so contagious that other students couldn’t help joining them.

IMG_8103Now  came the most stirring part: Costume Competition! Students who wanted to take part in this competition should first sign at the colorful papers prepared for each grade. Then, the contestants were divided into three groups. They came to the stage one by one, introducing themselves and the roles they played. After that, the audience would vote for their favorite characters. Finally, the team “Spider Man” and a girl’ won!


Compared with the Halloween party last year, students enjoyed more freedom this year. They could stay wherever they want and decide when to leave. According to the students’ comments and expressions, it is no doubt that they all had a great time in this amazing party!


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