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Thanksgiving Day

Revision:Liu Zhiji,Zhang XinleiDate:2017/11/23

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada and the United States. It is one of the most important holidays for western countries. Usually Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. It's on November,23rd in 2017. Without holiday, without turkey for dinner, even without Black Friday Shopping, students from America and Canada may feel sorry for little attention on Thanksgiving Day in China Let's see what did they do and how to enrich their Thanksgiving Day in China.

We interviewed some international students on their way to the class in the morning and followed them all day to learn about their real life on Thanksgiving Day. Rodolf, from Canada, finished all his classes. We found that he did nothing played basketball with his classmates, and his lunch was Chinese food as usual. On his face, completely we can't see the joy of the festival. He told us that he had been in China for three years. On the first Thanksgiving Day, he took his Chinese friends out for a turkey dinner. In the following year, his Chinese friends took him out for all kinds of local food, and he envied Chinese people every time he saw the new fantastic food. Now, he would rather celebrate some Chinese traditional festivals like Dragon Boat Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival with friends. Of course he can't completely forget national festivals in Canada. Students from College of International Cultural Exchange held a party for Thanksgiving Day Night and they invited their dear Chinese teachers and friends. And Rodolf made a video phone call on Wechat to his family to say “Happy Thanksgiving Day”. Another girl, Deena, told us the most regretful thing is that there's no Black Friday in China, which turns out nothing wanted in shopping plans. So after Singles' Day, we introduced the second largest offline and online shopping day in China——“Dec.12th” on Taobao to her. We believe she will get the most out of a short stay in China.

Lots of international students are new here that they can't adapt to Chinese lifestyle and agree with Chinese culture in a very short time. As the host, we can help them with enthusiasm and love when they are away from home.


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