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The Opening Ceremony of the 6th Jing Chu Cultural Activities for Hong Kong and Macau Students Held in CCNU


On Dec 27th , the opening ceremony of the 6th Jing Chu Cultural Activities for Hong Kong and Macau Students was held in Yifu International Conference Center. Present at the opening ceremony were Wang Li, Director of Hong Kong, Macao Affairs Office and other school leaders.

At the beginning, all attendants of the ceremony were shown pictures of previous Jing Chu cultural activities. Then Wang Li delivered a welcome speech. After a brief introduction of CCNU, Wang emphasized the significance of learning Jing Chu culture and expressed her best wishes to the cultural activities.

“We hope Hong Kong and Macau students have a deeper understanding of Jing Chu culture and we believe we can strengthen the bond between our students.” Wang stressed.

Later, three student representatives made their speech. Min Jie, the student representative of CCNU extended the students a welcome, expressing his expectations of the coming cultural activities. Xu Jialong, the representative student from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, shared a story which shed light on the importance of learning Jing Chu culture. It was said that he had been practicing Mandarin for a long time. Then, Wang Qichao, the representative from University of Macau, shared his bond with CCNU. “I was reading Zhang Kaiyuan’s Oral History when I heard about this program. And I decided to come here.” He recalled.

Next, Wang Tingting, the principal of this program introduced the coming cultural activities in detail to all the students. He pointed out that the principle of the Jing Chu cultural project is to “achieve mutual understandings and respect”. He added, “We hope to enhance our communications and promote our friendship during the project.”

According to Wang Tingting, the program will last for six days from Dec. 26th to 31st and an assortment of activities will take place, covering theme seminar, visiting historical sites and so on.

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