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Interview of Outstanding Students: Interest, the Key to a Fulfilling Life

Revision:Xia Jingyan; Wang YihanDate:2017/12/30

The four years in university is always regarded as the best time when young people can concentrate on acquiring knowledge and taking challenges, which is critical for students to mature intellectually. Apart from studying hard, fostering the interests is an integral part of all-round development.

Students need time for themselves. Finding a hobby is the first step. Read a book. Go for a jog or hike. Or spend some time just for thinking.

People get mental relaxation, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment from pursuing interests. As for the topic "interest", let's see what the students of CCNU think of that.

Interest is the best teacher

Lu Yuzheng, a sophomore from School of Education, is an excellent student who won the National Scholarship owing to a goal-oriented faith. She is also the deputy head of the Art Troupe as well as head of National Music Orchestra.

It was at the canteen where I met with Lu Yuzheng.

She looks so gentle and elegant. She has great talent for music, especially for playing Chinese traditional instrument-erhu and guzheng. As watching others learning and practicing erhu on the street, right away the interest for mastering the playing skills rises. With her talent and efforts, she obtained the tenth level certificate of playing both instruments at the age of 12. After that, she still kept on practicing due to her loyalty to her passion for music.

Q1: What have you gained in all the obligations and performances?

A1: Through performances, we have many chances to learn from other universities. For example, last year our team was invited to give a performance in the Art Festival held by Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The interactions and communications among universities in Wuhan are very frequent. Besides the daily rehearsals, we organize some parties and celebrations as well in order to boost the relationships. On December 6th, we had just celebrated the anniversary of our team together with simple handmade decorations and big cakes. It was a sweet night.

Q2: How was your exchange experience in Hong Kong Financial Services Institute?

A2: It was a 7-day exchange project sponsored by our college. Since travelling is another hobby of mine, I was delighted to enjoy such a study tour visiting famous universities in Hong Kong, taking some courses related to my major and learning more about local culture. I could tell that indeed there are some differences between Hong Kong and mainland China but it’ll be wonderful if both compensate each other. I really appreciate the exchange activities for they help me integrate academic knowledge into travel and life.

Opportunities lost can never be regained

Li Ran, a junior from School of History and Culture. He is now in charge of the host team of CCNU and in the meantime, he is responsible for an official Weibo account. The first time I saw him, he was in a simple black overcoat and smiled brightly at me just as the sun shines, conveying a relaxed feeling to people around. Through the brief communication, he showed the peculiarity of an outgoing boy as well as a super scholar. Let us have a look at his unique university life.

Q1: What was your first priority when you were a freshman?

A1: Change my major. Out of my great interest in history, especially the history of modern and contemporary Chinese history, and also on a senior’s recommendation, I made up my mind to change my major. Fortunately, I passed the exam. But following was a tough period for I felt unable to accomplish the heavy work and catch up on the freshman courses. Luckily, I got used to the teaching method gradually and I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Q2: How about yoru extra-curriculum activities?

A2: Not only have I joined the Association of Flute and Xiao, I am also keen on fitness and calligraphy. Besides, due to fateful coincidence, I attended an interview whose purpose was to select emcees without any preparation and I passed it. Thanks to the unexpected opportunity, I am able to improve myself and make many friends even though it required plenty of time and efforts for the daily practice and weekly meeting. During that period, I led a busy life with twice vocalizing practices every day which were arranged on the early morning and late evening. Each of the emcees had no related experience and professional skills but we all cherished the good time we spent together for the common goal! My sophomore year is the best time of life. Finally, I get to understand that we can absolutely deal with both study and work successfully.

Love is the first step to obtain knowledge

Li Keni, a senior from School of Literature. With continued efforts, she has splendid academic performance and has won various honors and competitions, including National Scholarship and National Endeavor Fellowship. On the chilly afternoon of December 21st, we had a warm interview in the No. 8 Teaching Building. Sitting opposite to me quietly, her rosy cheeks were brightened by smile. The conversations are as follows.

Q1: Could you please talk about your method of learning English?

A1: Since watching American TV series is my favorite way to spend my free time, my oral English gets enhanced naturally. Another effective way for me is to attend the training courses for IELTS exams. When it comes to English reading comprehension, I made remarkable progress without making a point of reciting new words. One of my optional courses taught me some useful reading skills so I made myself read a few English books.

Q2: How was your term in National Central University?

A2: It provided me a precious opportunity to study in Taiwan and visit the local scenery. I got the chance to attend some activities organized by SEF, to study Chinese curriculums and to participate in various clubs. Many interests of mine were cultivated and developed there, such as latte art, calligraphy and travelling. I also heard that a senior ran a café on his own, making his hobby- latte art into an occupation after graduation, which inspired me a lot. Moreover, I think students on both sides of the Taiwan Straits could deeply communicate to promote the cultural exchange.

Love is not a whim

Li Zheli is the most special one among the interviewees. As a graduate student of English major and the college counselor of School of Physical Science, she is also the founder and advisor of CCNU’s National Music Orchestra as well. So many identities make her life distinctive and wonderful. Her unusual life experience with perseverance and enthusiasm is a significant reference for us.

Q1: What do you think of your interest?

A1: Guzheng is now an indispensable part of my life. However, as a matter of fact, it did not enter my life until I joined Art Troupe of CCNU during my undergraduate period. Despite busy study and work, still I was willing to make the best of my spare time for practices. I told myself, I have to be perfect as the deputy head of National Music Orchestra. Additionally, I am fond of broadcasting. All of my interests added beauty to my life.

Q2: What have you gained from your full schedule?

The tiring past put me in the right frame of mind and at present, I am gratified to play guzheng and piano well. I firmly believe interest exerts great impact on students' study and growth. In the end, I’d like to share a saying from my undergraduate teacher: in college, you have to find at least one thing that can make you passionate!

It goes without saying that every student has his own choices regarding his own interests and likes. During the period of university, it’s vital to attach importance to developing diverse hobbies and interest. Just as Jim Rohn once said, “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” Finally understand, some perseverance, not in order to achieve a particular purpose. Insist, is actually a kind of interest.

To become outstanding is not confined to the academic performances. The pursuit of hobbies can light up your life and make you a better person. Hope all of CCNUers can stick to their hobbies and also get academic improvements.

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