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Zhou Ziqi— a Principal Award Winner Who Dares to Dream and Take Actions

Revision:Sun Ruilin, Zhang XinleiDate:2017/12/31

Three years ago, Zhou Ziqi left her hometown Shanxi and started her college life in School of Life Sciences, CCNU as a free-charge normal university student. Being an ordinary student at high school, she found university a broader and more magnificent stage to better use her ability and ideas.

As a food fan, she has hunted all the delicacy during her four years’ life in Wuhan. Besides enjoying dishes, traveling and jogging, drawing also fascinates her. She is as fit as a fiddlewith energy to spare on all aspects of life. In addition to enjoying the glorious and colorful college life and cultivating her own interests, as a qualified student, she still puts study at the first place. Consequently, after four years of insistence on conscientious learning, continuous innovation and practice, she won the Principal Award, one of the biggest awards in CCNU.

When it comes to the award, she said, in fact, it is somewhat unexpected, because the competition is very intense, and participants in the selection are all extremely outstanding. Therefore, with regard to her, the biggest obstacle in the competition is her psychological insecurity. However, after consulting with her pillow, she conquered all difficulties. It occurs to me that, admittedly, winning this award is beneficial, but it won’t affect anything even if it turns out to be a case of crab, on the contrary, I take it as an eye-opening experience,” she noted.

It was not easy to stand head and shoulders above the rest in this competition, because every participant is very capable, not only having high comprehensive qualities, but also many amazing achievements in some respect. So how to show distinctive strengths in the competition and leave an positive impression on the judges are fatal.Though we are science students, we need to well organize our language like liberal arts students do in this process. If you have  rich experience indeed, but you can't express them appropriately, it’s likely that you can't get a satisfying result. Therefore we should pursue perfection to the maximum extent with our own capacity, meticulously but not judge too harshly. In this way, we won’t have any regret.

As far as I’m concerned, my work experience in the Secretariat is of tremendous help,” she commented.At last she offered several suggestions for fellow students. As for student, learning is always the primary mission, so it is not wise to let the work in student union or community activity occupy the time that is supposed to spend in learning. Anything can be deprived except knowledge, which would be a loyal companion in your life, and anything you learn could be of use some day. If sufficient time for learning is guaranteed, participating in some student work to gain more experience is also encouraged. Like I said, my work experience is of vital importance in the competition, and it also improve my ability to think in a long-range way as well as the ability to get along with all kinds of people. I also advise students not to stay in the dormitory every day, go outside and meet more people, broaden your horizons, and then you will find that the depth and breadth of your thinking will be different from that of today. Dare to dream and put your dream into practice, then you could lead a wonderful college life.”

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