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Liu Liping: Find a New Self

Revision:Xia Jingyan; Wang YihanDate:2018/03/18

Last year, Liu Liping, a junior from School of Education, studied in National Taipei University of Education as an exchange student and accomplished a lot. Recently Liu shared with us her experiences in Taiwan, which was full of exploration and fun.

Needless to say, it’s never easy for a newcomer to live in a strange city without familiar faces and routines. However, Liu Liping well adapted to the new environment, especially in making friends. She’s an outgoing girl who is brimming with enthusiasm and passion. During the period of exchange study, she made lots of friends by seeking common points while reserving the differences. She also expressed her willingness, “If I had had more opportunities, I’d like to attend more activities to make more friends.”

Living and studying in Taiwan could be a unique experience. In her mind, the deepest impression should be humanistic care and environmental consciousness there. She found that more attention was paid to etiquette by the local people. For example, “Thanks” and “You’re welcome” could be heard almost everywhere. Politeness is the key of human coexistence, and the warmth and power could be spread directly through simple words and sweet smiles. In her spare time, she participated in a speech contest held by five universities jointly. For the first time, she delivered a double speech and won the fourth prize. Such an unforgettable experience impressed her and changed her as well.

The Group Photo Taken after the Speech Contest.

When it comes to National Taipei University of Education, apparently, she had a lot to say. She studied in NTUE for one semester and majored in special education, and following are the differences she had discovered. First, the school library is not that big. But to her surprise, there are still many books on special education. Second, due to the small size of the university, whether students have the chance to live in dormitories is determined by drawing straws. Therefore, some students live in the campus, while others have to commute to school or rent the apartments nearby. Third, small as the campus is, the aesthetic and smart integration of the limited space fully shows the charm of the university.

The University Cafeteria.

As a student, she focused mostly on her professional study. “Cooperative learning is the main pattern in teaching and it allows students to initiate more discussions”, she said. What’s more, she also noticed something special about her major - special education. In NTUE the focus of special education is mental and physical challenge oriented as well as gift oriented while in CCNU we put an emphasis on teaching methods of special education. Through the study, she’s got to figure out the developing direction of this major so as to help her clearly define herself and plan the future with confidence.

The Photo Taken after the Group Discussion.

“Besides what I have mentioned above, I want to say one thing more. I was gratified to participate in an interesting activity City Wanderer, which contained diverse challenginy programs. I was delighted that I had found myself in a different way by offering ‘free hug’, collecting stories, interviewing teachers, etc.” By accumulating small changes, she has find a new self and start a whole new life.

Life is a voyage, and you should continually face challenges and seize opportunities. Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw as much paint on it as you can.

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