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Interview of the Exchange Student Study Abroad, a New Adventure


Sarah Huang, a junior from CCNU, is an excellent student who studied abroad as an exchange student at University of California, Berkeley a year ago. A brand-new college environment brought her a more colorful world to better realize her dreams and achieve goals.


She is known as a competitive speaker for being eloquent in debates, so it is very difficult to defeat her in argumentation. But in daily life, she is sincere and easy to get along with. In addition, she has great talent for literature, especially for writing novels. With the support of her friends and the efforts of her own, many of her novels have been posted on some websites. Now, she is back in CCNU enjoying the rest of her college life.


Q1: Nowadays, whether to study abroad or not has aroused a heated discussion among Chinese people. What do you think and why do you decide to study abroad?

A1: I think studying abroad is a good choice for young people, they should seize every opportunity to enrich their knowledge and enhance their skills. These are my following reasons. First of all, studying abroad enables young people to keep in close touch with foreigners and a variety of different cultures in the world. What’s more, it is an easier way to master a language when you live there. As for me, I’d like to go outside to expand my horizons and improve my communication skills. Last but not the least, the current situation of employment for young people is becoming more and more serious. If you have obtained a degree in a foreign country, you are more likely to gain a competitive edge in job-hunting. Therefore, for young people, I think studying abroad is a good choice.


Q2: How was your exchange experience in America?

A2: Well, I think I didn’t struggle with the academic pressure like some students. Maybe it is just because my character enables me to reduce the stress efficiently through different kinds of ways such as doing sports, listening to the music and so on. What’s more, in my spare time, I prefer to travel to nearby cities like Los Angeles and have a taste of the American culture. I was delighted to have a chance to visit many famous tourist attractions in America, communicating with local people and learning more about America. I really appreciate the exchange because  it brought me a more colorful world.


Try new things, follow your curiosities and passions and take chances. She said this is the motto she lives by and she encourages every young people to try new things and different ways of doing things. She firmly believes that going outside will bring everyone, especially young people, a bigger and more colorful world to help them realize their dreams and achieve goals.

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