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Wu Jing: Never Forget the Original Intention

Revision:Zhang Xinlei;Zhang ErchengDate:2018/03/24

Wu Jing, a junior from School of Educational Information Technology, is an excellent student who is currently studying as an exchange student at National Taiwan Normal University. A new kind of college life in Taiwan attracts her a lot while she always reminds herself not to forget the original intention.

During the interview, she showed me many pictures about her new college life in Taiwan. In her daily life, she is an ordinary girl doing the same things like others. But her academic grade is so excellent that she is one of the top students in class. In addition, she has an eye for beauty. In her spare time, she also pays attention to the skills of dress matching, in order to make a perfect collocation between the accessories and clothing. Now, she is enjoying the new environment of college in Taiwan. Let us have a clearer picture of her life in Taiwan.

Q1: Why did you decide to study in Taiwan as an exchange student?

A1: Actually, I was inspired by my friends. Many of my high school classmates have been in different countries to experience different cultures, so I also want to go elsewhere to broaden my horizons. Besides, economic and cultural exchanges across the Taiwan Straits have kept increasing. My major is about education, so I prefer to see closely how the Taiwan’s education system develops.

Q2: What is the most difficult obstacle you have been faced with?

A2: Well, I don’t have many language problems, but the differences between traditional characters and their simplified versions trouble me sometimes. But as for relationships, the kindness, charm and hospitality of the local people touch me a lot. Students around are also easy to get along with and I have made some new friends who can help me get over the pressure.

Q3: Is there anything about you changed since you came here? For example, your beliefs or habits ?

A3: I think my way of thinking doesn’t change a lot, but a new environment will positively make me to appreciate different cultures and values with a more tolerant attitude. As for habits, as we all know, there are many famous delicacies in Taiwan and you can enjoy various local specialties as well as international cuisines. In my spare time, I’d like to eat out with my friends to find tasty delicacies no matter how far they are. Now I have my own standard of foods which I have never had before. And I often share some recommendations for good restaurants on the social networks.

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