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Across Mountains With You and Rising Sun Is Just Ahead

Revision:Cheng QianDate:2018/09/24

On September 21, the 19-day military training tour came to an end  in  the  interplay  of  light and  shadow at the Youming Stadium.We used to be confused and lazy, but after days of training,  we  are new  souls  now. We  started  from  limbs  stretching,  and  can  now stand  like soldiers,  and  our disorganized formation turned  into coherent phalanx. We also experienced shooting with real guns for the time.  The drillmasters'  scolding turned  into  praise  and  appreciation.   We worked  hard and made  progress finally!







Ten  days flashed by,   we cannot experience a lot.  But in this training ground, we cried, laughed, and shed sweat. We experienced bitterness and laughter together, and we passed through hardships and comfort together.


As the beginning of the college life, the military training for freshmen has come to an end. As the new students of 2018, we also have a lot of inner monologues after the military  raining. Let's have a look!









Liu: The first lesson of military training taught me to persevere, not to be coward and   never give up. These,  though so insignificant,  are the steps of growth. I  have  complained,  but I have never regretted.It is my precious youth to work with the new partners in CCNU.

Chen: It's really tiring  to repeat  the same  action  over and  over  again.The military posture gives me back ache and heel pain. I have sweated in the sun.  Military training is really hard!  But bitter in the present,happy in the future!


Zhang: What surprised me most was the birthday party held in the military training. I was born in September.  The  seniors  held  the  birthday  celebrations fo rall the  students who  were  born  in  September. Although military training was tiring, I gained some warmth.









Guo: Military training is not only a physical exercise,  but also a test of one's own   concentration. For the study and work in the future,I also need the devotion and persistence to realize my dream.


Ma: Although the military training is bitter,it is only a short beginning of university life.The future road is still very long, and we need to explore it by ourselves.Look up, the mountain is overhead,  and look down, the foot is on the road. The road of success,I will find it out!


Yang: The military training  gave me  the  chance to understand  the qualities that Chinese soldiers have. When the military whistle blow, what is revealed in their eyes is absolute obedience to their superior's instructions. Our country  is  also  able  to  develop  peacefully because  of  their  strong  national defense. In the future, I also wish to be like them and  protect the motherland.



 It is true that we are enjoying a peaceful present because someone carries heavy loads for youMilitary training not only hones our spiritual quality , but also ignites our patriotism.

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