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Freshmen Diary|鲜肉日记八

Revision:Du Yuting, Dima, Wang KangjingDate:2018/09/14

Nothing works better as an alarm clock in the morning than unbearable PAIN. I could barely open my eyes and get out of my bed as I thought of the whole day of military drills that awaited me.

But I tried to fight with the pain like a real superhero who can always save his universe from outer invaders. I can beat this. Maybe I could become a real Avenger called First Year Student. The fantasy amused me a little.

Despite the pain, I strode out of my room to have the morning run with my comrades and drill master, thinking that maybe I would feel better after breakfast.

However, I was completely wrong. The terrible pain did not go away. It was like a second Hiroshima happened inside of me and opened a black hole, which sucked all my normal feelings away. Warm and soft as it was, the food I had seemed to cause a new self-sustain nuclear reaction. Even hot water failed to complete its mission of comforting. Nothing worked. Desperation began to well up in my heart.

I took some medicine and had a short rest. But before I knew it, it was time to go back to the training field. I cheered myself up and went back to the hard training, saying to myself that only drill can help solve this disaster inside me.

Being as strong as a solid rock, I didn’t ask drill master for leave. After a long hard time, the medicine eased the pain. “Training cures everything!” said my friend, and she was absolutely right.

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