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Freshman Dairy|鲜肉日记九

Revision:Wu Pei, Dima, Wang KangjingDate:2018/09/15

September 15th

Is there any difference between the military drill in the army and the university military drill? I think the difference is really little. In both cases, the trainees have to get up early and stay up late, endure the hot sun and sometimes light rain, as well as wait for long queues for meals and shower.  I sometimes have the feeling that the quality of life will decline a lot and will never be as good as before. But we freshmen will never be defeated!


The curious look from others has become a usual routine – we are so easy to recognize in those uniform that do not fit us at all. People could pick us out from afar because of the unique color of our uniform. Perhaps freshmen are in the lowest echelon in university social life. There always are many seniors who enjoy watching our evening drills like watching a show in the Grand Theatre.


Our training is rather tough as our drillmaster can be very strict to us. However, he likes sharing his interesting experiences with us during the break. And we really enjoy his stories as they are so far away from our normal life. But sometimes we can barely understand his words of wisdom as we are still at the very beginning of the journey called life. Anyway, we love our handsome drillmaster!


There were many “terrible” incidents during our military training. For example, in the tug-of-war, students from School of Physical Education were so strong that the rope broke because of their hard pull. When it was our school’s turn, there was no spare rope for us. The game had to be delayed to the next day when a rope was borrowed from Wuhan Sports University. Pity that we were not strong enough to break the new one.


Look how we sit on grass and rest in the evening. Gossip time! We got to know each other better this way! But it is too bad that mosquitoes enjoy the relaxing evening, too.

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