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Freshman Diary|鲜肉日记十

Revision:Li Ziyi, Sima Wenqian, Wang KangjingDate:2018/09/16

Today it is my turn to show you my experiences as a freshman and as a member of military training. The following are the moments that impressed me a lot. Are they interesting or not? Read through to find out!

Moment One


Our instructor is as cute as a cub and we love him so much, maybe it is just because he looks so fair in the middle of brown instructors and he is a dead ringer for a character in Story of Yanxi Palace, FuChaFuHeng, who is affectionate. Actually, he is handsome enough to feast our eyes and relax our dog-tired bodies. The resting place is so far, but the hunk is so near.

But soon we find that our instructor was more than a handsome boy and gentle brother, he is very serious and even a perfectionist in training. He would correct every mistake even for a really small detail. He demands our actions and postures with high standards, which is annoying sometimes, but in general, we are proud to have such a responsible instructor.

Moment Two


One night in the days of training in sitting, a beam of light drew our attention. There were some boys sitting there, studying, which really inspired us a lot. I should learn from them and preview for the following courses!

Moment Three


As the time goes by, we find that there are so many dead ringers of celebrities in the ranks of instructors, we have ChuYunFei and ChenXueDong besides FuChaFuHeng. These three instructors are among the hot topics that we talk about all the time.

What about our instructor Wang? Oh, he is the Black Squirrel.

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