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​Freshman Diary|鲜肉日记十二

Revision:Zhou Shengyu, Wang KangjingDate:2018/09/19


September 19

I have been in my university for 14 days. To tell the truth, when I first came here, I was not very excited. Instead, I felt very upset.

My father told me, "People go through many phases in their lives, like moving out on their own. Don't worry, you'll grow up one day." What he said was right. Everyone will grow up. Now it’s already my turn, but I am not ready.

As a matter of fact, although I am far away from home, my heart is still there with my family. Eating, drinking, sleeping... The daily routine never changes. However, in the dead of night, I still miss home. I still miss home a lot.

What matters most is not the house but the family. However deeply I wish, I can't have my mother's hug, can't bother my father with strange questions, can't hear my little sister’s lovely voice saying, "My sister is beautiful."

Though I am reluctant to be away from home, there is no doubt that I've learned many things during the past few days.

Over and over again, I would talk to myself, "What you need to learn is how to be independent and get out in the world. You should try to stand on your own feet. If always kept in the greenhouse, flowers never beautifully blossom. If always hiding in the nest, young birds can never learn to fly. And now it's time."

Then I found my life glittering brightly with the kindness of others. My new roommates take care of me when I am sick or pretend to be; my new friends always remind me of the important things such as the time for military training or eating my tablets; my new teacher understands it when I often ask for leave and gently advises to have a good rest.

More importantly, military training, which I thought only meant rules and order, gave me sense of belonging. One afternoon, we made oneself known to each other and sang the military songs together. I can see our hearts grow closer and fonder. After that, we held a little talent show with outstanding performances, the tongue twister, the military body boxing, the bamboo performance and so on.

Not until then did I realize the new life was not horrible but brilliant. Eventually, I found out what made the new life so beautiful. That's friendship. That's team spirit. That's kindness. And that's whatever we may never touch unless we step out of our comfort zone bravely.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Be brave to embrace your new life, and there will be a much larger chance for something unexpected to happen.

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