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The Movie List of National Days’ Holiday!


The Movie List of National Days’ Holiday!

National Day holiday starts! So many people chose to enjoy the marvelous vacation with their family and friends. Travelling is definitely a good choice; however, China is a big populous country, the famous scenic spots may be loaded with people. Besides, some people who are still persistent on working for their future! But don’t be too stressful, appropriate relaxation will kindle the morale for efficient work. Watching movie is really a good way to relax ourselves and enjoy the time with lovers. So today the editor made the movie list to color your vacation. Follow me to discover the meaningful movies!

The first: Shadow

The movie tells us a story about substitute, which is directed by Zhang Yimou, one of the Fifth Director of China. Zi Yu, the general of Pei (played by Deng Chao), was defeated by the enemy-Yang Cang (played by Hu Jun). Zi Yu was seriously injured in the war then he decided employ the substitute Jing Zhou (played by Deng Chao) who was cultivated by Zi Yu from childhood to substitute Zi Yu for the political and military issues. Simultaneously, the relationship between the king of Pei (played by Zheng Kai) and Zi Yu is based on mutual suspicion. In the game of bigwigs, the shadow substitute Jing Zhou went through the dilemmas and struggles, striving for survival and freedom. In fact, the film is about freedom and human nature which provokes the deep thoughts and the scene is spectacular which represents the traditional Chinese art “ink” and the philosophy of yin and yang. The movie is legendary, and now hot heated shown in the cinema!


The second: New Cinderella

This humorous movie is a good choice for family outings. New Cinderella is a bold adaptation of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. With the help of friends and the enchanter Lily, Cinderella went for the palace ball. Ridiculously, the prince is fake, whereas the true prince had been turned into a tiny mouse by witchcraft. With the help of Lily, Cinderella got out of the pitfall, and she had a bold idea-save the prince so that they start the magical adventure. I guess most of us, especially girls, have watched the movie or heard of the story before, the new version of Cinderella extent reflects the effects of feminism. Girls shouldn’t be weak and always waiting for the princes to save them, instead, girls can be strong and wise enough to find and save their princes.

Other movies are suitable for sitting in the sofa!

The third: Dead Poets Society

The film tells the story of a teacher in a traditional school who teaches students poetry, literature and life in an anti-traditional way. The film is not only a classic film of Robin Williams, but also an excellent film about the relationship between teachers and students.

Wilton Preparatory College has always taught its students in the conventional principal. But Keating, the new literature teacher, broke the routine and allowed his class to free their minds and employ their potential abilities. His students even fought against the college ban to re-establish the secret group Death Poets Society that Keating had participated in as a student at the college, discussing poetry and life in the caves far away from campus. But soon after, the school found the group and firmly against the education method of Keating. Besides, Keating’s student Neil committed suicide, one of the panelist, Cameron, sold them out. The school shifted the blame to Keating and forced him to get out of the school. As the teacher was leaving school, all the students stood on the table and said,” oh, captain, my captain!” to express the belief that the teacher has given them will always be with them.

The fourthNuovo Cinema Paradiso

In a small town in southern Italy, the quirky little boy dodo enjoys watching movies and prefers to watching projectionist Alfred show movies. In order to let audience enjoy the film, Alfred decided to set an outdoor movie. Unfortunately, the film was on fire and Alfred was blind. Then dodo became the only movie producer in the small town. After dodo grew up, he fell in love with the banker’s daughter, however, the young couple met the difficulty from Elena’s father. Then dodo went for the military service and the girl went to college. Heartbroken dodo, encouraged by Alfred, left the town to pursue his dreams.

Twenty years later, Alfred died. At this time, dodo was already a successful director. He returned to his hometown and saw the ruined Paradise Cinema, looking back ,he met Elena……

If you have watched those movies, welcome your short movie views!

Or if you have more fantastic movies want to share with us, Welcome! Looking forward to your recommendations!

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