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A Wonderful Place for Holiday

Revision:He XiaoyanDate:2018/10/05

Have you decided where to go this National Day?If you have no idea,I can give you a suggestion.

Someone says, "If you can't go to Egypt, please go to the Hubei museum to visit Egypt. The mummy is so mysterious that you can't miss it.”

The Hubei Museum has held an exhibition of ancient Egyptian artifacts on October 2. All 180 exhibits are from Italy, including male mummies, painted tombstones, human coffins and other treasures. 


In order to see them, thousands of people from all over the country come there to visit these fantastic cultural relics to feel the flavor of foreign culture.Because of people's enthusiasm, there was a sea of people in front of the museum at the first day.Although it may take a long time to wait in line, it is worth waiting to see so many precious cultural relics. So be patient.

However,it is very quite in the museum.Everyone is watching the cultural relics carefully with no voice.When you step into the museum, you can't help being serious.When you see these artifacts, you can't help imagining the stories behind them as well.It is the secret of history.

Do you want to pick up this wonderful place?The museum is waiting for your arrival.



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