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Prof Junpeng's Accomplishments

Revision:Chen Jiayu,Areen,Cheng QianDate:2018/10/23

Recently, Professor Li Junpeng from the Faculty of Social Science of our university was elected as the editor-in-chief of “International Sociology Reviews” and will take the official post on January the 1st, 2019. The editorial department of this journal will be located in the school. Professor Li's induction will play a positive role in promoting the popularity, influence, and status of our school and university; especially in the Sociology Science Discipline in the International Community.

Launched in 2006, International Sociology Reviews mainly publishes critical articles, in-depth summaries, and reviews. It is sponsored by the International Sociological Association, published by SAGE Press, and jointly constituted with the flagship publication of International Society. This is a semi-annual publication, which complements International Sociology on original papers and constitutes an organic series (impact factor: 1.033). Articles published on International Sociology Reviews are equivalent to those published on International Sociology.

Professor Li graduated from the department of sociology of Columbia University in the United States. Now he is engaged in post-doctoral research at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and he is a special researcher of the high-level think tank of the united front of the Central Socialist Institute. He has served as a deputy editor of the Social Forces and currently serves as a book review editor of (Studies of the Transition States and Societies) and editorial board member of (Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism). He is also an editor of the national key publishing program of the 12th five-year plan. Professor Li's research focuses on three areas of sociological theory, historical sociology, and knowledge sociology. His papers have been published in some SSCI or CSSCI periodicals like Sociological Research, Critical Sociology, Politics and Religion…etc. 

Currently, he is in charge of the National Social Science Fund, and he was awarded the young sociologist award which is awarded four years session of the International Sociology Association and the annual best graduate thesis award of the Social Problem Association. Furthermore, he is in an important position in many international academic organizations like the Social Problem Association. At last but not least, he is also the reviewer of a dozen SSCI periodicals. This year he became the first scholar elected to the Global Young Academy of the domestic social scientific circle.

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