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Stories of CCNU Ⅲ

Revision:He Xiaoyan, Xiao ChanyuanDate:2018/11/28

The Evening: Stories of CCNU have been held for twice. Last night, the third Stories of CCNU Evening started. The first half, students’ time, had ended yesterday, but tonight, the second half for teachers is waiting for you. Why not come and have a look!

The First Story

<From Tanhualin To Guizishan>Narrator: Lu Xuanchen

Looking back to the stories of CCNU in the past 115 years from a 10-years-old kid's perspective, selecting the most fascinating videos to narrate the extraordinary development of CCNU since the opening-up policy has been issued, and making the teachers and students in CCNU learn more about the history of CCNU and pass on the spirit of CCNU with innovative mindset.

The Second Story

<1978, The Story of a Television>Narrator: Li Mojie

CCNU developed a lot in 1978, the first year of opening-up. The first huge television was invented in CCNU, which caught the attention of the society. This achievement won the award of International Technology Progress with another two achievements of CCNU later. The efforts and experience will be remembered, and spiritual strength of them will never fade away as time goes on.

The Third Story

<The Soul of Osmanthus >Narrators: Zhan Yihong and representativesfrom the School of Music

It gives a new interpretation of the meaning of three feet platform from the base point of people cultivation and the perspective of love in CCNU. And it carves out the splendid master soul of keeping the beginner’s mind, remembering the mission, and living without regrets.

The Forth Story

<Meet after 20 years>Narrator: Fu Ping

The development of College of Sociology of CCNU during the past 20 years, the hardship and achievements of the development of all the subjects in CCNU, the precursors and their innovation, and the posterity and their inheriting all make CCNU better and better.

The Fifth Story

<Waiting for You >Narrators: Chen Xi, Gao Yuxi and Xu Jiachen

Have you ever spent one year doing something that will last a lifetime? There are such a group of postgraduate students from CCNU like a moving university. No student left is what CCNU strives for. The volunteering teaching carried out in Xizhou in the 1930s, the literacy class in 1950s, the evening cram school for the college entrance examination which was resumed in 1970s. The CCNUers keep striving to participate in building an overall well-off society.

The Sixth Story

<Help Love to be Heard >Narrators: Li Zhen and his students

Learn to be an excellent teacher; act as an exemplary person. If teachers are soulful and persistent, students are likely to be passionate and selfless. Li Zhen, a 29-years-old, has devoted eight years to deaf-mute education since he graduated from CCNU. He uses passion to help the deaf to listen and uses the art of life to help disappointed people… It is a story between a CCNUer and the deaf-mute people, which is not only wonderful, but also warm and splendid.

The Seventh Story

<Do Pure Education in Our New Age>Narrator: Dai Jinjun

“The new age belongs to everyone and everyone is a witness, creator, and builder.” As a prestigious university, how can we witness, create, and build a great new age? As an educator, how can we remember our mission? As Chinese, how can we use our own hands to create happy moments?

Heading for the new age and the great rejuvenation of China is everyone’s duty. Furthermore, it is a sensible choice for every CCNUers to live in harmony and have the spirit of CCNU including loyalty, elegance, simplicity, and fortitude.

Interview of the Audience:

What’s your feeling after watching and hearing the stories in CCNU?

Emily: I have only heard about ‘‘love’’ in CCNU as an abstract word before. But after attending “The stories in CCNU”, I do feel that CCNU is truly filled with real love. Something like Shengbing Love Club and someone like Li Zhen can really help people feel so much love.

Chen Xingyu: As a normal university, CCNU has fostered a group of outstanding teachers and keeps passing the educational idea of people cultivation.

Which story moved you the most? Why?

Emily: The one that affected me the most was the story “Help Love to Be Heard”. The deaf-mute students are really strong and admirable. When they clapped on their own way, it was more moving.

Chen Xingu: What influenced me the most was the story “Waiting for You”. In this story, the narrator said that one student, who was admitted by CCNU and taught by the team of volunteer teachers, was able to go out to the mountains to see the outside world. It makes me feel that the education of CCNU is passed down from generation to generation. I think that CCNU does not only teach people but also makes great contributions to society.

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