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Professor Galin Tihanov Gave a Lecture in CCNU

Revision:He Yuqian, Xiao ChanyuanDate:2018/12/21

On November 19th and 20th, Galin Tihanov, academician of the European Academy of Sciences and professor of Department of Comparative Literature and Culture at Queen Mary University of London, came to the  School of Foreign Languages of CCNU and gave two lectures on World Literature to teachers and students. The lecture was chaired by Professor Luo Lianggong and Professor Xu Bin.

The first lecture was entitled "Ferrying a Thinker Across Time and Language: Bakhtin, Translation and World Literature". Professor Tihanov explored the relationship between language, literature and translation. From the historical contexts of European and American societies, he sorted out the changes of translation concepts, reinterpreted Bakhtin's literary theory, explained Bakhtin's unique theoretical contributions based on his open translation and cultural views, and revealed the relationship between translation and world literature.

In the second lecture entitled "The Location of World Literature", Professor Tihanov discussed Anglo-Saxon discourses of world literature from three reference points: time, space and language. He raised doubts whether world literature should only be regarded as an offspring of globalization and transnationalism. On this basis, he analyzed the problem of "text circulation" in World Literature, and expounded the complex relationship between it and the discourse system, which had an important impact on the understanding of the legacy of modern literary theory.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Tihanov answered the questions posed by the teachers and students present. This lecture not only deepened the understanding of World Literature, but also provided a new perspective to understand the relationship between language, translation and literature.

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