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20161024 World Highlights

The Russian Group Hacking American Elections

Writer: Dai Cong

Reviser: Zhou Mi

Broadcasters: Dai Cong Zhou Mi

Editor: Dai Cong

Time to broadcast: 20161024


D:    Hello, everyone, welcome to World Highlights, today let’s focus on American election.

E:    You know what, for the first time in history, Washington has accused a foreign government of trying to influence the US election.

D:    I also heard about it. The group behind the hacks is known as Fancy Bear. The group is, according to a White House statement last week, receiving their orders from the highest echelons of the Russian government and their actions are intended to interfere with the US election process.

E:    Yeah, Cyberwar is a war with no borders, no innocents, and no rules. I don’t think it was a question of, if the US and Russia would one day be fighting a full-out Cyberwar — it was a question of when.

D:    You are right. They’ve been dancing around each other like two hungry bears for a long time. At some point, one of them is going to take a bite.

E:    Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to deny Russia’s involvement in the hacks and said the leaked emails are a “public service.” In a televised address this week, Putin said the hacks were not on behalf of the interests of Russia..

D:    However, members of Congress have come forward, asking the White House to take aggressive action against Russia. The two countries are, undoubtedly, facing the lowest point in relations over recent decades.

E:    Fancy Bear and other Russian hacking groups are still active. countries in Europe — including France, the UK, and Germany — are faced with upcoming elections, what should be done to stop Fancy Bear from engaging in the same type of hacking and disinformation campaigns?

D:    We will follow this event. This is today’s world highlights. For more information, follow our WeChat E小记@CCNU.

E:  CCNU English Press Corps. We join. We learn. We conquer. See you next time  





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